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Books by Dr. Chae

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New       Every Life is a Miracle in Christ      New

Bro. Chae's latest book has special excerpts from his writings from 2003 to
2006 in the English portion, followed by excerpts from 2000 to 2003 in the following Korean Hankul section. His travels to neighboring countries are part of this inspirational book. 

Price, $10.00


 Love is Immortal  

Is a continuation of excerpts from Chae's popular newsletter, full of poignant incidents about the orphans of Geon Home, insights into Korean daily life, and innermost spiritual parallels that will delight your soul. 

Price, $7.00

My Dear American Friends

   Was the title of several collections of  Bro. Chae’s  newsletters. The first was from 1962 to 1972 and told about the beginnings of many of the present ministries in Korea. Still available is this one covering the period of 1982-1988.

Price $5.00


Yours Because of Calvary

  Experiences and inspirational stories of years of ministry among refugees, orphans and forgotten lives in the deserted areas of the world. 

Price, $5.00
History of Korean Christian Churches

  This book is written in both Korean Hankul and English. It gives a brief history of Christianity in Korea with special emphasis on the work of restoration missionaries and Korean leaders. Several essays on the subject first published in the Christian Standard are appended.

Price, $5.00


A revision of the above book. Pictured at left in Korean; at right in English, but BOTH are in the same volume. Twenty pages of pictures in the center of the book. A must for historians or folk wanting to know about the Restoration Movement in Korea. 

Price, $10.00


The World is Hungry for the Gospel

Excerpts from Bro. Chae's letters in the 1990's. Heartwarming anecdotes about the orphans and challenging thoughts about living the Christian life. 

Price, $7.00


Great Big Father

Excerpts from Bro. Chae's letters from 1997-1999. Printed in March 2000. This 103 page book makes great devotional and inspirational reading. It was prepared as Bro. Chae was fighting a diagnosis of cancer which, thanks to God, is being successfully treated. 

Price $7.00

Praise Through Pain

     Excerpts from letters and sermons presented 2000-2003. This 163 page book will give you more than 1000 reasons to "keep on keeping on" no matter what your circumstances are. Inspirational and eminently readable. 

Price $10.00


Bible Correspondence Course in Korean
Over 6000 questions

Upon completing this course one can get a certificate from Korea Correspondence College.

Order from Lester LeMay, P O Box 25886, Tempe, AZ 85285
Dr. Yoon Kwon Chae
Yoido PO Box 876
Seoul, Korea 150-010

Price $7.00

Click here to see: Korean Books by Dr. Chae

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