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Children enjoy the new buildings

Church and Chapel Building

Music at the Home: 

The violin Team

The Drummers, using Korean Traditional drums

From some homeless children taken in by Geon Chae (Bro. Chae's first wife) as they began their ministry in the slums of Seoul in 1963, this home has grown until it cares for 80 children and teenagers who have need of their service. Many of the children raised here have taken valuable places in Christian service, becoming ministers, missionaries, elders, teachers, social workers and such, but all have been thoroughly exposed to the Love that Bro. Chae and his co-workers give them. Bro. Chae's wife, Kook-Ja Chae is the official representative of the Home to the government, from which they receive some help, along with the donations of interested people.

The home is located at 325-11 Kehwa-dong, Kangsuh-ku, Seoul.

Time to get ready

Children by the sea


Celebrating First Birthday 2005

New Dining Hall/Library Building

Counseling Session

 Studying in Library

Celebrating Christmas

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