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The purpose of Korea Christian Gospel Mission is to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ and practice His love in all the world by ministering to and through the Korean people, while adhering to the principles of the New Testament and the Restoration Movement.

We communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through

  • the preaching ministry of Dr. Yoon Kwon Chae
  • the training ministries of Dr. Chae at Seoul Christian University and William Jessup University
  • Publications and correspondence courses {Bro. Chae's Books, too.}

We minister to Korean people through

We minister through Korean people by

  • Missionary workers throughout the world
  • Teaching and establishing churches in California

We adhere to the principles of the New Testament through

  • loving our enemies, even in North Korea
  • presenting the gospel through radio broadcasts
  • preaching the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ

We are a part of the Restoration Movement to restore the New Testament church as closely as possible and proclaim the unity of all those who trust in Jesus Christ for salvation. We desire to be neither Catholic nor Protestant, but simply Christians only – not the only Christians, but simply Christ’s people, by faithful obedience to His will.

Mail Checks to:
Korea Christian Gospel Mission KCGM
P O BOX 9384
FRESNO, CA 93792-9384

Read Bro. Chae's newsletter just click to see his most recent one. Earlier ones are archived here. See summaries of Bro. Chae's BOOKS here.

Meet our Board of Directors  This page will tell you about  volunteers who serve from their love and devotion to God. E-mail links are provided for them, too. 

Join us on http://Facebook.com/KCGM – Korea Christian Gospel Mission. John Chae and Lester LeMay, administrators.


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