April 2003

My dear American Friends:  

YOU MAY NOT WANT TO SEE ME NOW, because my face looks like being bombed. I have had what they call Herpes Zoster (shingles?) on my face recently and was hospitalized for a week. (someone said that it looked like the world today). I might say that I have been suffering with the world. Actually, sickness is like a war, it always leaves scars... And our children's Home is a scar, (as it started with the war orphans at first). However, scar is also a sign of healing and I thank God everyday for this Home of God's Healing.  

In fact, on account of the scars on my face, I missed to preach for two whole weeks. (actualy in a corner of my mind, I must admist that I wanted my children and Church family to remember me as young and handsome? I used to be). I still had apparent scars on the third Sunday, but I wanted to REMIND THEM ABOUT THE SCARS ON OUR LORD JESUS, So I stood at the pulpit and I thought I preached better than any other time. (perhaps because I had scars on my body.) Actually, one of our older girls comforted me by saying "You look just as young and handsome as I remember." Another boy came and said "You must be healthy, because you make everybody healthy." After all, I believe that God helps the sick in two ways; through the science of medicine and surgery and through the science of faith and prayer.... In one word, through the science of the CROSS!  

A child asked me what color is health? Sometimes I feel it ought to be blue, the sky color? or perhaps the green of the grass? Mostly I think it is LIKE SUNLIGHT OR MOUNTAIN AIR - NO COLOR AT ALL but giving life to every color... I wish I could be truly healthy like that...like Jesus...like Paul. One lesson I learned through this sickness is that I shouldn't schedule speaking appointments so close together. Sometimes, I used to have two-three speaking appointments just in the Sunday morning. Actually, because of the time differences between the continents, something like that was possible. You wouldn't believe me if I told you that, once, l scheduled to speak at Topeka, Kansas in the morning and Salina, California in the evening, thousands miles away, presuming that it was Salinas, Kansas.  

I am good at making these kinds of mixed up schedule. (And I am not proud of it at all....) One of these days, I may make even a schedule to speak in the morning on earth and in the evening somewhere in Heaven. Somebody said that the civilization's three greatest killers are not heart disease, cancer, and accidents but calendars -ever reminding of deadline dates; telephones - jangling the nerves into fatigue; and clocks - inciting the urge to hurry....


Even in the midst of war or semi-war, the buildings are going up... the Dining hall building of Geon Children's Home and the Sanctuary of Central Christian Church in Seoul. You probably never heard of this Church construction from me. It's a Church I have been serving as a senior minister for last thirty six years. And I wanted this construction completely on our own, that is THEIR OWN PROJECT for the Lord. That's why I never mentioned it. But it's going up, just as you see in the enclosed photograph. And I am glad that this AUTONOMY POLICY IS WORKING out. Forty years ago, when I started to work in Korea, I prayed that God will lead our work in the way that they will be able to perpetuate as soon as possible. Now, the Bible College is on their own,. the publishing work is perpetuating and my second Church, out of ten, is building a Sanctuary by their own hand.( The first Church, Towon-dong Church, has already built a beautiful building of their own). Praise the Lord! This Orphanage work might need the support for long time yet, but our God has a Great Plan and His Plans are marching on regardless of the situation of the world.


Yours because of Calvary,


Central Christian Church, Seoul, under construction

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