APRIL 2005

My dear American Friends:

Congratulations! Congratulations to you who believe in Christ and obeyed, for passing the most difficult and the final test of your life! Jesus Christ died and resurrected for you! You will also die and go to paradise. And in the last day of judgment, according to John 5:24 "He that hears my Word, and believes on Him that sent me, has everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life." So YOU PASSED THE FINAL EXAMINATION! Jesus passed it for you by His death on the cross and the resurrection! I wish I could send you a passing cake! And "those who have done good will rise to live; and those who have done evil will rise to be condemned! v.29" Hallelujah! When I preached this sermon last Sunday, our congregation stood up and sang "What can wash my sin away, nothing but the blood of Jesus!"

When I preached the same sermon to our children, they decided to make a big Passing-cake and shared. Of course, it was only a tiny piece of cake hundreds of us could share, but it was a heavenly cake and our stomachs were full of heavenly aroma! Actually, one of our grown up children work in a bakery and once a while, he brings home a cake that tastes so good that you wouldn't know if someone died beside you (Korean expression). Having over five hundred grown up children, there are all kinds of occupations... some that you probably do not have in your country. One of our children work in the public bath house and he makes living by washing dirt off people's bodies... actually it's more like peeling off...almost peeling skin off...anyway, I never done it on my body. But he makes pretty good money. Another one of our children makes living by turning on good music at a Tea-house. Whatever they do, THEY DO SOMETHING TO HELP OTHERS TO BE CLEANER MIND AND BODY! (I instructed them to find such a job no matter how hard it is. And it is hard to skin twenty-thirty human bodies in a day.)

One of our grown up children work in a mortuary. His job is to carry and clean the bodies. He came to me the other day and told me that he is learning much about the life from the expressions of the bodies. He can almost tell from the expressions on the death masks if the owner was a Christian or not. I bet he could. In this sense, we might say that death doesn't mean that we stop working. Some people keep working even after death. I remember Elisha when he died and was about to be buried. Battle started outside and people threw the dead bodies into Elisha's tomb and when the bodies touched Elisha, they lived again. I remember the last scene of Ben Hur, when the blood of the Cross formed a stream... and then his mother and sister were healed of leprosy. I hope that I will not stop working after my death. I know a Christian lady who wrote a book entitled Important work called 'DYING.' which has been inspiring many people. I keep telling my children that, for non-christians, a job may be something to stuff food into the stomachs, but for Christians, it is something TO DO THE WILL OF GOD, because God takes care of our food.

It is April now, but it's still snowing and freezing. Now a days, it is hard to differentiate spring from winter. It is hard to differentiate night from day, women from men, children from adults for that matter. In the world like this, it is the most important to know WHO I AM and TO THINK FOR HIMSELF, rather than letting the computers think for us. These days, I am preaching a series of sermons on "Who Am I?" to my children. I am beginning to talk about a start of life. I said, our lives start from mothers' womb and the first people we will meet in this world are a father and a mother. A child came to me afterward and said "I never thought that my life started with a father and mother. As long as I remember, I never had them. Thank you for reminding me that I had." I don't know whether it was an appreciation or criticism. But it is good to know for our children that they had a real father and mother. 

Yours because of Calvary,


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