APRIL 2007

My dear American Friends:

They say, spring comes from the snow. Yesterday, it was snowing, but now the cherry blossoms are beginning to blossom. Before long, our hills and roadsides will be decorated with colorful flowers and will invite our children to play with them. Actually there are enough flowers in our Home through four seasons. ALL OUR CHILDREN ARE BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS. Recently, we celebrated the first birthday of our little girl, Narre, and she was as pretty as a flower. On our first year birthday, we play a game of predicting the future by the first thing she reaches, and she reached a flower. She may be a florist or a house-designer in future, No matter what she will be, our God will decorate her path with lots of flowers, I am sure. Right now, she is just interested in eating and sleeping. She may have reached the flower in order to eat it. Actually, when I was growing up, we were too hungry to appreciate the flowers, and we ate such flowers as azaleas, acacias and what not. (They are good. You ought to try them sometime).

She is as happy as a flower now, but as she grows up, she may start to wonder why she has so many brothers and sisters... and so many aunts and uncles (they call their dorm-mothers that way). She may even question "Why am I living in an orphanage?" And I always have difficult time answering that question. I try to answer that their parents loved them almost as much as God loves them, but could not take care of them due to death and other circumstances, but I love them just as dearly as their real parents. Sometimes they understand, and sometimes they don't...I can tell. I JUST HOPE THAT THEY WILL HAVE FAITH ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND GOD'S LOVE AND PROVIDENCE. It is true, though, while their parents had no choices, I chose them to be my adopted children, just as God chose us to be His children.

I heard a story the other day that really touched my heart. In fact, I used them for my sermon illustrations twice already. A Christian mother gave a birth to a baby in a hospital, and, as soon as she awoke from anesthesia, she wanted to see the baby. But the family, especially, the father hesitated to show the baby to the mother. The baby was a beautiful girl, but had so many physical defects... she had a worst harelip...he kept saying "she is beautiful... but...." Eventually, he had to hand the baby over to her, and when she saw the baby, this is what she said, "God must have looked far and wide for a parents fit to take care of this baby. GOD CHOSE US TO BE HER PARENTS, so we must thank God and take real good care of her...."

My first sermon in April was entitled "Where is Calvary?" I did not mean to explain the location of Calvary. Actually, the historic spots of our Lord Jesus Christ are so uncertain, unlike the historic spots of the other religious leaders such as Buddha, Confucius etc. There are more than a few spots claiming to be Calvary even. And there are more than a few reasons for it such as 300 years of persecution following and thorough destruction. But the real reason may be that WE BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF rather than things and sites. And the real Calvary is where the true forgiveness, love and sacrifices are! where the complete faith and obedience is! where our hearts yearn and cry for the return of our Lord and His Kingdom! And that was my outline for the sermon.

The new school year started and our children are enjoying new teachers and new friends. Our Christian University also started the new semester, and this year, we are having many foreign students, such as Vietnamese, Mongolian, Philippines, Indian and what not. They can not understand Korean classes, so it keeps us, who speak some English, busy. Fortunately, in most of the oriental languages, the verbs come the last, while western languages such as English, the verbs always follow the subjects. It makes us understand each other better. You might say, the westerners are eager to act, while the orientals tend to think more before action. I really do not know which is better, but I am anxious to teach them about our faith to these foreign oriental students and SEND THEM BACK TO THEIR COUNTRIES TO EVANGELIZE THE WHOLE ASIA, NAY, THE WHOLE WORLD!
Yours because of Calvary

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