April 2009

My dear American Friends:

I really do not know how to start this letter. I planned to start this letter with the arrival of a baby, but now, THIS LETTER NEEDS TO START WITH A SAD NEWS that we lost one baby. And my heart, as I mentioned it, is so heavy that I can hardly continue typing. Yes, he is gone. He was only one hundred days' old and he lived with us for two weeks. We loved him and he loved us back, but he was too weak and frail, as he spent so many days under unfavorable circumstances. Our dorm-mothers did their best watching him day and night trying to restore his health, But his health never really came back. And one evening, he went Home in my arms. And our dorm-mothers have been crying ever since. I really do not know the answer why, perhaps God needed another angel to guard His Throne, but if our loving him and his loving us back was the purpose of his life, he certainly accomplished it, and we praise God for giving us a chance to love him.

I must confess that our workers are somewhat discouraged, but I must say that our faith has been strengthened. And I am trying to spend more time with our babies. Frankly, it has not been easy as a College Chancellor and professor, Church minister and radio preacher, writer and publisher, but I have determined to spend more time anyway. Actually, IT'S THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE. I am learning so much from them. I am learning not only the meaning of love, but also the meaning of life. These children came to us at the moment of their most critical time, the crisis of their lives. And their reaction to the crisis, or rather their feeling, often more like the hatred of the world, shows in their everyday lives. Some children tear flowers to shred, or stuff toilets with rolls of toilet papers. I probably mentioned about a child who wets beds every morning. This is one way of showing off their frustrations. You might say that we have 83 times of an ordinary child's growth pain. And I love them no matter how painful it is. I know that this month's letter doesn't make much sense, but It is true that I am learning much about life from them. I was watching the babies the other day and I thought that I heard one baby say "abba." It's Biblical word for "Dad" and I wondered where they learned Greek.

I was talking with some of our social workers the other day. We were talking about the needs of arranging special relationship between our children and some adults who can pray for each other and to give advises when it is needed. We were talking about one to one relationship. And one of our social workers suddenly mentioned 'LIKE JESUS ARRANGED, ON THE CROSS, NEW MOTHER-AND-SON RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MARY AND APOSTLE JOHN, IN SPITE OF HIS OWN PAIN." l agreed that JESUS was doing great Social work even on the Cross. Jesus was doing the greatest work of saving the world on the Cross, and yet even in the midst of the Pain of Love, He did the smaller (forgive me the expression) work such as saving the soul of the thief crucified next to Jesus, such as arranging mother-son relationship of those crying under the Cross. HE IS A GREAT SAVIOUR AS WELL AS A GREAT SOCIAL WORKER according to the words of our workers.

North Korea shot the missile against the hope of the world. They said that it's a satellite, but we know that it is not in orbit and dropped somewhere in Pacific. We know one thing that it cost them lives of millions of starving children (A paper said that it cost them one years' rice for the North Korean people). And North Korean generals said that they will keep shooting. We really do not know what will happen. But I know that this is the time to work even harder, as we might not have much time left. To the Korean workers, what impress them the most about Jesus Christ, is the fact that He was NOT ONLY THE TEACHER, BUT ALSO THE DOER. Jesus practiced what He taught, as he answered to the apostles "I must work the works of Him that sent me, while it is day."(Jn 9) A friend of mine, a great Christian worker who passed away recently, said "I didn't know the DISTANCE BETWEEN MY HEAD AND MY HEART WAS THAT FAR." What he meant was that it took many years for him, from knowing the need to do something for the others and wanting to do something. Perhaps the further distance is from the heart to the feet...that is, from wanting to do something to really doing something for the others.

Yours because of Calvary,


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