April 2010

My dear American Friends:                         

I am enclosing a copied page of 1937 issue of "The Korean Messenger", which was published by Brother John T. Chase, the first Christian Church missionary to Korea. It has the story and a photograph of my Father, Evangelist Choi, and his family. The child in the center front is me 70 years ago. As you know, my father was the first Korean Christian Church preacher and later, when the Korean war started in 1950, he was captured by the communist invaders and was eventually killed.  When my father was taken away by the communists there were 10 children, 10 brothers and sisters, and they were all scattered (I was also imprisoned by the communists and all my elder brothers and sisters were in Army or missing). In fact, my youngest brother was only one year old and six younger brothers and sisters became refugees hiding in the mountain etc. The last one who saw my father when he was taken away was my sister and she heard my father's last prayer, which was "God, please TAKE CARE OF THESE CHILDREN."

Last month, my sister celebrated her 80th birthday.  She was losing eye-sight and she wanted to see her brothers and sisters before her surgery, so we all gathered together to see her in a family reunion.  There were eight brothers and sisters ranging from 61 years old to 82 years old(one brother and one sister were too far away), and all serving the Lord!  My father's last prayer was "God, take care of these children."  And God took care of these children THROUGH THE WAR FOR SIXTY YEARS!  IF THIS IS NOT GOD'S ANSWER TO THE PRAYERS, WHAT IS! Of course, there were also their children and grand-children, which was an army of Lord's soldiers!  

Being a senior minister now, I am often asked to preach at an ordination services.  The other day, I preached on an ordination service of a preacher who used to be a welder and I preached on a theme which I wanted to preach for long time, which was "GOD'S WELDERS."  I feel that preachers are a sort of welders; welding God's Will and men, people to people, seeing things and unseen things, life and death and most of all prayers and miracles!  In a way, I feel that preachers need to have double personalities; a physical one and a spiritual one.  Didn't Paul say one time, "I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me"?

These days, not all of our children at Geon Children's Home are real orphans.  We also take care of the children who's parents are either critically sick, or in prison, or simply missing.  And sometimes, we also take care of some children whose parents are separated for some reason.  In fact, we had a child whose parents were a sort of divorced.  They had two children, but they were so poor that the older child was dead and we took care of the younger child.  The other day, the supposedly divorced parents visited me and told me that they decided to be united again, which was a good news.  I asked them how it happened and they told me a long story, actually an inspirational story.  They were dividing the remaining properties such as clothes etc. "this is yours, so you take it,  this is mine" etc.  They came across a remaining cloth of the dead child, and they both didn't know what to say.  They couldn't say "this is yours, this is mine" anymore.   After a long silence,  after their hearts and hands came so close that they almost touched each other, they said at once, "Let's try once more."  So they decided to be united again.  I guess, a DEAD CHILD'S CLOTH CAN DO A MIRACLE!  

I believe that our crucified Lord's Supper does miracles too.  We have communion service in our Church every Sunday.  I don't see why we can not have it everyday.  At least I decided that we will have it  on Wednesday evenings too, especially when the separating couples are present.  May the Blood of Jesus Christ give us miracles in the separating nations, societies, schools, homes and in our hearts.

I read, in a Japanese book, a good remedy for stress. It is to overcome stress by s-t-r-e-s-s. That is, by S-sports T-trips R-rest E-eat S-sleep S-smile. Actually, I would rather replace 'rest' with 'religion,' but
we need rest too. Anyway, we all know that the most needed rest is 'THE REST IN CHRIST.'
Yours because of Calvary,

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