April 2011

My dear American Friends:

One of the first groups of Korean people who started to raise fund to help the Japanese quake and tsunami victims were the women's groups who were fighting the Japanese government for an apology and compensation for the forced labor and service (sometimes called 'rape camp') to the Japanese soldiers when the Japanese military regime occupied our land. These elderly ladies have been fighting for last 60 years, but now as they witnessed the unspeakable tragedy of the enemy and a neighbor, they started to help. I guess that's Christian spirit and love.

Now whole Japanese population is trembling by the nuclear danger. What is Nuclear plant? It is the ultimate product of the human wisdom, which started by eating the fruits of the tree of knowledge at the Garden of Eden. I remember seeing whole line of nuclear facilities in the east coast of Russia, as I visited them to hold evangelistic meetings and trembled. I also remember seeing about the same things on the Pacific islands facing Russia and trembled. Not to speak of whole bunch of nuclear facilities in North Korea, with which North Korea has been threatening the free countries of the world. What if a series of earthquakes shake them and blow them out like is happening in Japan? Certainly it's fearful world that we live in and there is no doubt that we are living in the last days. I remember seeing on TV a Japanese tsunami victim waving a white flag (perhaps bed sheet) to the rescuers. It's about the time that this world MAKE A WHITE FLAG AND SURRENDER TO GOD!

SENDAI was one of the cities which was swept off by the huge tsunami and left as a pile of garbage. I know that pile has a number of decaying bodies, and I am sure that some of them were Christians, as I remember holding an evangelistic meeting there a few years ago and no less than 50 people dedicated their lives to Christ.. They may be a pile of garbage now, but I know that they will be resurrected with perfect bodies and will enjoy the fellowship with us at His eternal Kingdom, as it says in Isaiah 26: 19 "The dead shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise. AWAKE AND SING, YE THAT DWELL IN DUST!"

I am planning another evangelistic meeting in Japan this year. I do that almost every year, as I speak Japanese. They say that it may be dangerous, but that's where the people need Christ the most, at this time. Besides, I have lived my life long enough... and they need to be saved before more quakes, more tsunamis and more nuclear-wind and of course, before Christ's Second Coming!.

In midst of political and military tension, the Seoul Christian University, graduated 160 God's servants and they flew out to many parts of the world. There were times that most of our graduates settled and started Churches in Korea, but now they are international... they go to work to many parts of the world. One of them went to Kazakhstan (have you heard the name?), as a missionary. He has been studying the language, but there was no teacher around, so he doesn't know if he will be able to communicate, but he is going anyway. He said, "if they don't understand me, I WILL TEACH THEM KOREAN AND THE BIBLE!" And I said "that's the spirit!"

Another graduate is going, actually has been serving, at an African country called Sierra Leone.

He has been trying to raise support unsuccessfully. But he said that he was successful learning Taikwondo and acupuncture. And he is confident that those two skills will support his missionary work. I am not so confident, but I know that God will support him. One thing is sure that the patients will listen to him, even to reading the Word of God, while he is practicing his skill.

Yours because of Calvary,


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