April 2012

My dear American Friends:

Thank you for the wonderful Board meeting.
I am back in Korea. We just had a national election for the National Assembly. North Korea is still threatening that they will shoot a missile toward South Korea and South Korea is warning if a debris of it drop in South Korea, we will shoot back, so the situation is rather tense, as it has always been. Otherwise, people have been living just as they have been for years. And our children are mostly fine.

I can divide the population of this world to two groups. One group is the group who are dying by not having enough food to eat and the other group is the group who are dying by eating too much. I visited a part of China where I could still see the children begging in the streets and 'HOUSE OF LOVE' which we opened last year at the border of China and North Korea taking care of the wandering children who either lost their parents by escaping from North Korea or running from the Chinese police. But by those begging children in the streets, I saw so many expensive cars driving by. It makes me sick...sick to death.

I feel that perhaps the best thing that I can give to my children is SMILE. Actually so many children in this world are starving for 'smile.' They had been scolded, ridiculed and kicked around so much that they had been starving for someone who smile to them. And I introduced Jesus to them! Jesus smile to them... just as He smiled to the woman who suffered an issue of blood for twelve years... just as He smiled to a woman taken in adultery... just as he smiled to Zacchaeus on a tree... just as He smiled to me when I lost my father to the Communists in my teenage. Jesus smiles to any and all who needed that comforting and healing smile!

And the smile that Jesus makes on the faces of these children!... there is nothing like it in this whole world! The other day, I was playing with our babies. Some of you probably saw my handkerchief tricks... I make rabbits, rats and all kinds of animals with it.... And our babies laughed so much that people thought that the roof came down (Korean expression). Talking about KOREAN EXPRESSION, We usually say "small pepper is hotter." Our smaller twin girls are really active. They may be smaller, but together, they have twenty fingers, four fists and two clever heads and they practically rule the baby's room. In the breakfast time, for instance, you better watch out. Korean morning greetings used to be "Did you eat?" instead of "Good morning" (This greeting came down from the war time, when the food was scarce. But in our Home, with the twin babies, the old Korean traditional greetings may be appropriate even now.

Talking about 'morning greetings," also a popular morning greeting used to be "Were you safe during the night?" I guess also that sort of greetings came down from war time when something, like war, are liable to happen during the night. Actually, Korea has been having so many wars through the history, it was really natural greetings. In fact, when we started this Children's Home, the new children we received wouldn't go to sleep unless they hold spoon or a piece of bread. They wanted to MAKE SURE THAT THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO EAT NEXT MORNING when they wake up in the morning.

April is usually a wedding season...especially in the year of dragon. Sometimes, I hold two, three weddings a day. I usually say something nice for the new couples out of Bible, but I also warn the couple that it may be somewhat like two HEDGEHOGS LIVING TOGETHER... too cold to live apart, and yet it may hurt each other. I guess, our country, South and North Korea is somewhat like the wedding couple. We have been one country for thousands of years, so we naturally want unification, but having two completely different system, that is, Democracy in South Korea and Communism in North, I am sure that it will be like two hedgehogs if and when we live together. We only wish that God will take the needles away before we get united. And when God takes the needles away, it will also include missiles and nuclear weapons.

Please pray for;

1. God will destroy all nuclear weapons in North Korea and on this earth.

2. God will give us peaceful unification soon.

3. MIN HO and some other children of ours who just started schools, that they may be late starting schooling, but will be able to catch up.

Yours because of Calvary,


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