April 2013

My dear American Friends:

There are two events that most (if not all) of Korean Christians look forward to. One is of course the SECOND COMING of JESUS CHRIST and another is PEACEFUL UNIFICATION OF KOREA. South and North Korea was one nation for thousands of years. It was divided after the Second World War, not by our will, but by the decision of the occupying forces (even if we also fought against Japan) and most of the Korean families were divided. We still have many families whose parents are still living in North and children in South etc. And We have been praying for the peaceful unification of Korea from all of our heart.

There are practically no Korean Churches where you will not hear tearful prayers for this. I visited an island called SO ROK Island sometime ago where the patients of the Hansen disease (leprosy) are living as a village. And I found that they were praying earnestly also for the peaceful unification.

In that island, you find many former patients who have no noses, no fingers, no eye-brows being affected by the disease. But they have some of their children still living in North Korea. They are not only praying earnestly, but also they were saving money to help North Korean refugees in case of the unification. And I believe that Korea will be unified soon. I see signs. Whether it will come peacefully or by another war, I do not know, but I believe that it will not be far away. I believe, BECAUSE I PRAYED and MANY CHRISTIANS ARE PRAYING. North Korea has been threatening to use their nuclear missiless not only on South Korea, but also even on USA. And I am much concerned about all our children and students. Please pray for us.

I believe that we are living in the most important part of the history. The time is critical not only for Korea but also for Asia and for the world. One part of the scriptures that I love to quote, especially at the time like this, is from Esther 4: 14, Mordecai's words to Queen Esther "Who knows that you have come to the position for such a time as this" and Esther's answer "I will go to the King, even though it's against the law. And if I perish, I perish." I am convinced that this is "such a time" and that we are determined that "IF I PERISH, I PERISH!"

I call this kind of faith "BIG TRUST". Sometimes when I want to go somewhere, like a Church, with our children, I usually shout "anyone who wants to go with me, get out of rooms and come to me" and I usually see a bunch of children coming and running to me, not even knowing where they are going, like Abraham, when he was called to go to a place "obeyed and went, not knowing where he was going." Children have that kind of 'big trust' following me even if I go to the WC. And I wish and pray that they will always have that kind of 'big trust.' in the Lord. I had not a few children who went to the Bible Colleges, because I recommended through the Word of God. .

And then I had some young men who went to the Bible College, but quit soon, because of some difficulties... just like Peter who walked on sea, but drowned when he doubted. It's 'SMALL TRUST.' I tell my children, and wish and pray to 'keep on having big trust' and keep walking through the storm!' And if they ever fail, I tell them, 'It's all right. Stand up and try again.' One of our University students was a P.E. School teacher. He was very successful, but by one mistake, he fell from an iron-bar and was paralised from neck down. He became a Christian and eventually a Christian minister. He has been preaching, or rather shouting... and his theme is usually "Even if you fall, it's still within God's Great Love!' 'So even if you fail', he shouts, 'you can stand up and try again.' Because that is GOD'S LOVE!

I am leaving for the USA for a board meeting and my son's wedding, but plan to come back sooner on account of the political situation. My temporary address will be: 1043 Forest Knoll Dr., San Jose, CA 95129. Phone (408) 255-6774

Please pray for;

1. Peaceful Unification of Korea and that there will not be another war in Korea.

2. Our children will always have 'Big Trust'....Pray for HO GUL and others who want to be evangelists.

Yours because of Calvary,


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