April 2014

They say that today's younger generation are bad...I say today's older generation are bad, not being good examples to the younger generation. If adults want the children to study more, the adult must study first...particulaly in the religious matters...If we want our children to pray, the adults must pray more. (You know how difficult it is for a young child to close his eyes! One of our children said 'all kinds of monsters appear' as soon as he closes his eyes. Meeting God as we close our eyes take some training to do). In fact, I found that there is SOMETHING GOOD IN EVERY CHILD...something that God created. All I am doing is just to water them, so that their good things will grow more and faster.

There are a couple of things that I like about the Korean Churches, although there are somethings that I don't like. One is their custom of the DAWN PRAYER MEETINGS. Every Korean Churches have Dawn prayer meeting usually at 5: 30AM. And Dawn prayer meetings are usually hotter, more spiritual and more inspirational. When I grew up, winters were so cold and Churches couldn't afford to heat the Church, there was time when I saw small puddles of ice formed by the prayerers' dropping tear.

Another thing that I like about the Korean Churches is that we are accustomed to take off our shoes when we step into the Church buildings (although many modern churches are changing and leave the shoes on). Somehow we don't feel right with shoes on stepping into the Church building. (It might smell worse, but mixed with the FRAGRANCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, it smells super to me). Somehow we feel closer to God without shoes, like when we kneel before God, and like Moses was told to take off his shoes before God's burning bush..

God must have seen something good in our work...and God must have opened the eyes of some of our Social-service-govennment-officials. And the officials must have seen something good about our work. They suggested to make our Children's Home. a CHILDREN'S WELFARE-COMPREHENSIVE TOWN with Children's library, Counseling Center, Therapeutic Center and After School study center etc., And best of all, they offered to finance it. (provided that we raise one tenth of the total construction cost). That is, The government will help us to build it and I do not want to refuse it. So the project will start soon...in fact, it has already started.

Another project, we started is to renew, refresh our Mission organization. I can not deny that I am getting old, so are some of our workers. So our board is getting younger and so are our workers. Some of my students and even our grown up children are taking over some of our works. I already mentioned about my son, John Chae. We plan to ordain him to the ministry this month and now he is ready and willing to speak and work for us. So if you need a missionary speaker or a camp misssionary or anything, please call my son. His e-mail adderess is; johnchae1983@hotmail.com and the phone number is (408) 892-8482. He graduated a High School in Korea and received his BA, M.Div and MBA in USA. And now he is finishing up his Dr. of Missiology. He has been preaching at two Korean Churches as an English pastor and Youth Director for last 7 years.

One of our Christian University students came to me, many years ago, and asked me to CONDUCT HIS FUNERALl. I answered, "You are not dead. It's more likely that you have to conduct my funeral." He said, "I want to make sure that 'I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live...."' That young man is now a missionary in Africa, and the other day, he sent me this picture of 'washing feet' in Kenya.

Yours because of Calvary,


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