April 2015

My dear American Friends:

We just celebrated 100 days' birthday of our three babies. it has been Korean tradition to celebrate many birthdays of babies before one year old... I guess it started when many babies die before they reach one year... but Korean custom is to celebrate three weeks' birthday and one hundred days' birthday. So, we decided to celebrate their ONE HUNDRED DAYS' BIRTHDAY, with towers of candies, candles and diapers. Perhaps the babies did not agree with that tradition and they did not smile, but we had a great time!

Also I preached at a birthday party of one hundred years old lady of one Church I ministered in past. She had been a good Church worker. When I went calling of the sick members in the hospital, she usually accompanied me along with some other members of the Church. And when I say "calling" in my youth ministry, it did not mean "driving." It used to be mostly 'walking' and many cases like my minitry of the Church on a mountain top slum area, it was mostly 'climbing' and 'sliding down the hill' and she did it with me on every Friday. On her 100th birthday, I used Proverb 16: 31 "GRAY HAIR IS A CROWN OF SPLENDER." And I was surprised that the word "splendor" is used in English Bible. What a great word and proper word to describe the 'inner beauty' of the aged Christians!

Actually, as we read the Bible, we find that many great things happened in old ages, such as Abraham and Sarah, Zechariah and Elizabeth, Simon and Anna and many others. One of our Bible College graduates this year is 70 years old. When he started our University, his daughter stopped him saying "You can't even see the Words well. You better stop before you give up" but he started and graduated. He even passed the Greek and Hebrew exams and became a preacher. At the Commencement, I saw his daughter hugging him and crying "You made it! you made it!...

We have just visited some of our MISSIONARIES IN CHINA. We visited the Youth library and the second Church he started there. We drove for hours like circus and reached the house Church. It was not a Church building, just a shack, in a place where roaches are easy to find and rest rooms are harder to find, but there were Christians there kneeling, singing and praising the Lord to the height of their voice. Actually it was one of the most beautiful Church I ever attended and we enjoyed worshipping there and shouting Amens. There probably were Communist agents around listening, but we didn't care. .

Actually, I met many graduates of our Christian University working and spreading the Love of God secretly.

Our missionaries in China can not call themselves 'missionaries' nor 'ministers.' In the first place, they have to have some kind of secular job to be permitted to stay in China, such as doctor, teacher, librarian or breadmaker. One of our missionaries bake bread and tries to print scriptures on the bread covers. Another one of our missioanries works as a Chinese medicinal doctor. . One teaches music and computers like the one we just visited. One works even as a mechanic and repairs cars as well as the broken souls...

One thing about these small country Churches, there is JOY in them. There is no joy in the political meetings, there is no joy in the sports competitions, but there is joy, real joy in the small Church meetings, because true joy comes from J-ESUS, through O-THERS and Y-OURSELF!!

Please pray for;

1. Koreran missionaries who had been recently captured by the North Korean government and charged for espionage.

2. Peaceful Unification of KOREA

Yours because of Calvary,


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