April 2016

My dear American Friends:

I think that one important job of Christians is the bridging, or rather welding …welding between God and men, for instance. That’s what the Cross means, isn’t it? God became man, so that we can be one through the Cross, and then it welds people to people by Love. That’s what Jesus did on the Cross, even if he was suffering the pain of death. He welded Mary to one of his disciples John, “Please take care of my mother.” And that’s what the Cross does to every one of us...welding you and me and all the Christians of the world.

I heard a story of a couple who was about to divorce and the reason was the death of their only son. Somehow their love started to drift away since their baby boy passed away. They even started to divide the property. One by one...you take this, I will take that etc. And they came across the dead boy’s jacket, and neither of them could say, “you take this.” Their hands trembled and inch-by-inch, their hands came closer…eventually they grabbed each other’s hands and cried “Let’s start over again.” I think that’s what the communion, the Lord’s Supper does every time when we partake it. The blood of Jesus Christ welds us together as brothers and sisters.

And then the Cross welds ‘what’s seen and unseen.’ Like Heb 11: 1-2 says “Faith is to see what we hoped for.” It also welds ‘today and tomorrow.’ ‘Life and death’ ‘Prayer and Miracles.’ And it also welds the present and the future! It brings the future to the present. The first missionary to Korea was an English preacher called Thomas. He landed in the land of Korea in 1846. He came by a ship called “General Sherman.” The ship was burnt by an Angry mob. Missionary Thomas landed, but was killed by a sword, as soon as he landed. At the moment of death, he handed out a Chinese Gospel tract and handed to the man who was killing him, saying “Take this and it will save you and your country!” The killer took the Gospel tract, and as the paper was precious at that time, used it as the wall-paper in his house. Later on people started to visit the home and read the Gospel tract on the wall. That’s how Korea was eventually saved and became almost a Christian nation. You see, the Cross welds the Present and Future.

I am temporarily in the USA for meetings and visiting Churches. I am afraid that I am not young anymore and keep losing English vocabularies I used to know, but I know that God Loves me and I love Him more than ever before. Words are not necessary in Love. Sometimes, I ask my children “Do you love me?” And they come hugging…and that makes my day. That’s all we need, isn’t it.? And nothing else matters….just like when Jesus asked Peter, after His Resurrection, “Do you love me?” personally…and not even a scolding words! And that’s how I begin my days. There were times when I felt like being in a deep hole, but He still asked me one question “Do you love me?” And that was all needed to lift me out of the hole. Actually, a couple of days after we landed, my wife, Kook Ja, became sick, with leg/back problem and we had to carry her to a hospital. And then next day, to an acupuncture hospital. And with this Asian-American defense, She felt better. And we had great meetings! Please keep praying for her and also for the rest of our trips!

Yours because of Calvary,


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