April 2017

My dear American Friends:

These days, I am asked to speak more at retirement services than weddings. Last month, in Korea, I preached at one of both. At the wedding, I talked about “the wedding of souls” and at the retirement, I preached “THE SOULS NEVER GET OLD.” I believe that they don’t. The bodies may get old and wrinkled, but souls stay young and go to meet the Lord like a young bride. Actually, our bodies are like apartments. The apartments may get old, but who cares, as long as our souls are healthy, we can move out of the old apartments.

I am now traveling in America for conferences and speaking appointments, etc. I am enjoying the cleaner air and milder weather, but most of all, I am enjoying meeting longtime friends. After all, life is like traveling…traveling on ships. We travel from one port to another. The trouble is that there is a hole in every ship, and slowly sinking, whether we know it or not. They may be singing and dancing on the deck, but all ships are sinking and the sooner we find out the better…like Jesus said, “In the world, you shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

I am often asked by young people these days “We want to change the world, what shall we do? Shall we join the street protests?” and I usually answer. “Go to a mountain alone instead, and pray to God, because God alone can change the world!” No one can deny that Jesus’ Prayer from the Cross changed the world! We must pray like He prayed at Gethsemane until His sweat turned to blood.

I remember back in 1965 when we started picking up orphans off the street, we started to teach the children in our home to pray. I remember one child in particular who prayed “Thank you God for this WARM RICE.” Maybe she only had “cold rice” before or more likely, “no rice.” It kind of shocked me, and I decided to continue to take care of these children…that was the beginning of our Children’s Home. So, a prayer changed my life, as Jesus’ prayer changed the whole world.

One good thing about our Children’s Home Church. Our Church is always full of young people. People are complaining that young people are disappearing from today’s Church. This may be true but not our Church. We always have more young people than older people and I thank God! They say that there are two kinds of people…banana type of people which darkens as it ages and apple type of people which brighten as they age. However, they say that bananas are tastier as they get older. I think that I would rather be bananas.

That reminds me of the Youth soccer tournament which our missionary held in CHINA last fall. I was asked to make a speech, and warned not to mention anything about Christian faith as there were many Communistic party agents watching. I cannot say that I preached a sermon, but I inserted Christ’s teachings here and there enough to show that the only Hope is in Christ. Thank God that Christ is our Hope and we are His servants!


Yours because of Calvary,


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