My Dear American Friends:

 Some theologians call my theology (if I have theology) “BOZAKI  THEOLOGY.” “Bozaki” is a Korean word for a piece of clothing which is used to wrap things. There were times when we had neither back-pack nor hand-bag nor anything. We wrapped even books when we went to schools. If they call me “Bozaki” because I can take anything and work with anybody, I wouldn’t mind. After all, Jesus wrapped us sinners with His Great Love so that we are saved. Even if our sin is as sharp as needles, He still wrapped us even though the needles tore Him to death.

 However, there is one thing that I can not wrap up. It is communism. Not only because they murdered my father and thousands of peace-loving people, but I do not like their atheism and their hypocrisy. They say they are working for the labor class but they are working for a few dictators; they do not choose good means to achieve their goals, but break treaties, burn, murder or anything they want. I saw it with my own eyes. And right now thousands of their agitators or soldiers are infiltrating into South Korea aiming for the total communistic takeover of South Korea! We are afraid that they have nuclear weapons, but what we are afraid of more ARE THOSE HUNDREDS OF UNDERGROUND TUNNELS THEY DUG TO SEND SPIES AND EVENTUALLY SOLDIERS. I met not a few people who felt earthquake-like vibrations from under the house, which meant that the communists are digging again.

 There are a couple of other things that we have wrapped up last month. One is my new book. I collected the last three years of my letters and with some sermons have made a new book entitled PRAISE THROUGH PAIN. I thought that the title describes the last three years of my life adequately. I have had so many surgeries and so much pain that I learned to praise Him through pain. Another wrapping up is the completion of the dining hall construction: it looks nice! The building has three storeys: the top storey will be used for a library (not only for our children, but also the country children) and counseling rooms as well as what my wife calls “play-remedy-room.” The second floor will be the office and the bottom floor is the dining hall – large enough to hold all our children plus a few more guests. We don’t have anything inside so far, but we are working hard and my wife and I FEEL FULL-STOMACH WITHOUT EATING ANYTHING. (Korean expression). You can look forward to the pictures that I shall be sending next month.

 My shingle-headache is still there, and I plan to go to America for some expert treatment as well as some speaking appointments. My address will be P O Box 700054, San Jose, CA 95170. Phone (408) 255-6774. I shall be speaking as much as I can, but frankly, due to my illness, I do not know yet how much I can do. At least I can write you. And you know that I am on this side of the Jordan river as long as you hear from me. I am praying that like Jesus turned water into wine,  He will also change my letters into something interesting and challenging…. I knew a preacher, one of my students, who eventually died by cancer, but preached in the streets until the day before his death, with one hand clutching his aching stomach…. I do not know how many of you will read my letters, but I had a lot of experience preaching to few or even no audience, especially when we started new churches with my wife. When she took off to receive a phone call, I had no audience. Actually I learned to preach to myself, and that was very helpful!  

Yours because of Calvary,

 Yoon Kwon Chae

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