August 2004 

My dear American Friends: 

The Holy Spirit must have gone with me thirty years ago. Somebody sent me a letter, the other day, of a person who died not long ago. The letter said, "You probably do not remember me. I was visiting my cousin and was in a same room when you called on Mr. Bae thirty years ago. You led a Home Bible study and your message touched my heart so deeply that I began to go to Church next Sunday. I have been attending the same Church for last thirty years. Now I am dying by cancer, but I want you to know that I have been very happy for last thirty years because of my faith, and I thank you for it." I vaguely remember the occasion. I was so tired that I didn't want to go. And besides it was raining. I finally decided to go, but my heart was not in it. I preached, but finished early and came back home in hurry. But THE HOLY SPIRIT MUST HAVE GONE WITH ME that day and touched his heart through the Word. You never know when Holy Spirit will work in some tired heart through you, so you better be ready anytime.

I have been attending and speaking in Conventions and Churches. (At the World Convention of the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, it was a surprising and humbling experience to receive their first citation of the ALLAN AND MILDRED LEE AWARD.) I am glad to see that our Churches are growing everywhere. I can almost feel the vibration of the growth. I also noticed that the music is getting louder, and the pulpits are getting smaller. I don't mind the loud music, as I am trying to GET USED TO THE TRUMPET SOUND IN HEAVEN, but I don't know about the smaller pulpits. The pulpits used to be so big that some people complained that they couldn't see me, but the big pulpits also used to cover un-ironed trousers or stains on the neck-ties. But now, I have no place to hide behind. I sure look forward to the rock of ages where I can take cover.

Our children of Geon Children's Home are enjoying their summer vacations. They are all over the places-- hills and rivers, kitchen corners and my desk, and the sea! A great thing is that some of them are planning to be baptized in the sea, the largest baptistry in the world! Did I tell you about a couple of young men from North Korea whom we baptized in Doo-man river, a river on the border between North Korea and China. These young people came to see us, to be baptized, RISKING THEIR LIVES! They hid in the weeds, in fact, that's what we were doing too until we met. We had to baptize them in hurry. In fact, we baptized them as they were, and AS THEY WORE, because they NEITHER HAD CHANGE CLOTHES NOR UNDER-WEARS. The North Korean economy is so low that the ordinary people have neither the change clothes nor underwears. I said "Ordinary people," because there are people in North Korea who have so much wealth that they change their cars almost everyday, like their dictator, like military hot-shots and their families.

Did I also tell you about another lady who wrote me and said that she decided to give her eyes to a hospital when she dies? She was not a wealthy woman, but she had good pair of eyes. She thought about this for long time, for according to Korean philosophy, it is even more difficult to give a part of a body. (Confucius' philosophy says that physical body is something that they received from their parents and should never separate any part of body when they die. Besides, the Buddhists believe in the doctrine of transmigration and they don't want to miss any part of the body.) Anyway, she became a Christian and decided to give her eyes when she dies, to someone who needs them. But again, she was convinced that the Bible is the best thing to read. So, she left HER BIBLE AND THE WILL, WHICH MUST GO WITH HER EYES saying, "Whosever wears my eyes should read this Bible first." She didn't want him or her to read junk with her eyes.

Talking about giving eyes, did you hear about a visitor to North Korean train explosion site last spring? (We think that it was an assassination attempt of the North Korean dictator.) Anyway, this visitor found many burned patients who had not been treated. He asked why and their answer was "We don't have skin to graft." And the visitor, without hesitation, said, "What about my skin?" And he gave his skin right there and smiled when it was grafted into the burned body of a North Korean child. I wish I could do that.

Yours because of Calvary,


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