AUGUST 2005 

My dear American Friends:

The meaning of hymns are so different in a country where Christian faith is prohibited...where singing of hymns could mean imprisonment. You don't just sing, you chew every words with tears. I have just been to a country where public worship is prohibited, and had a prayer meeting with some Christian brothers who came over the border from North Korea walking through the mountains for three days risking every danger. The room was packed. I had no place to sit, but there were no rooms anyway. And the place was so hot that the sweat from my head wet my notes, but I didn't need it. I spoke for hours and they wanted more. Actually, for last few days, I met so many people from North Korea and who were going back to North Korea, and I baptized some. I was wet all over with sweat, tears and the water of baptism, but my heart was already wet listening to their stories of faith and victory. FAITH IS VICTORY! .

Over there, in North Korea, if you try to evangelize someone, that someone may live, but YOU MAY DIE if you are caught, (and you will be caught sooner or later). It is so much more dangerous, but where there are crises, there are miracles. Sometimes, God clouds the eyes of the agents so that Christians can slip by without being seen. Sometimes God opens the eyes of the agents that they see something else while Christians exchange messages. Over in North Korea, they may not be able to have regular worship services, but they meet more than a few times pretending wedding ceremonies or funeral processions. Pretending to be a funeral, they have to have dead bodies, but over in North Korea, so many people are dying by starvation that they have enough bodies they said, to have almost regular worship services.

Have you ever heard the word, SLEEPING EVANGELISM? You probably haven't, because I just made it up. But I would say that the best position is to lie down. So that even if they are caught, they can pretend sleeping. So they worship and pray while they are lying down to sleep. And of course, they can reach out the best with the Gospel if they talk sleeping side by side. There is a saying that eating together makes good friends while sleeping together make the better friends. The best way to make the best friends is to go under the bullets together and survive. In North Korea, you actually go through all three. In order to pretend a wedding or funeral, they have to eat together (whatever they may have...I heard that some of them ate even the roots of the rice plant); they have to sleep together to share the Gospel and sometimes, they survive through the bullets of the police agents. So there are some good Christians up there, and I am convinced of that, in fact, I met more than a few of them!

I am also convinced that North Korea is slowly deteriorating. You can even bribe the border police; that's how some defectors can come through or some go back. What we are trying to do is to evangelize those who come through and send them back to evangelize the others. Actually, North Korea is the most class-conscious society. They say, the socialism abolish classes, but North Korea has at least thirty five classes and the CHRISTIAN CLASS IS WAY BELOW, AT THE BOTTOM, side by side with the class of traitors. There are the ruling class and the laboring class. In fact, I am ENCLOSING A PICTURE OF THE RULING CLASS SINGING WHILE THE WORKING CLASS IS LABORING!

Our children of Geon Christian Children's Home are looking forward to the summer activities. Their summer vacation is just one month and just started. We plan to take them to a mountain one day and one day to the sea. TAKING EIGHTY CHILDREN TO ANYWHERE IS NOT A SMALL JOB and we may have to spend all day counting little heads and bottoms going in and out of water and I must say that we can never be accurate, because there are more than a few things such as pieces of water-melons floating around. In fact, every time when we take our children to the sea, we sometimes come back with a few extra ones. And they are extra blessings!

Yours because of Calvary, 


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