My dear American Friends:                  

I usually do not talk about mothers to my children. It can be very painful to some children. But their school teachers do not know the situation and sometimes ask their class children to write about their mothers. The other day, I happened to read an essay written about "mother" by one of our children and it goes something like this.....
                               "I don't know my mother
                                   I don't know if she is dead or alive
                                     But I often think about my mother
                                       Will she be pretty or homely
                                         I really do not care how she looks
                                           I just wish to see her face once............
We try our best to be their parents, but I guess we can't stop them to imagine about their missing parents.

We certainly saw lots of faces last week, as we held 75th Convention of the Korean Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. We had more than seven thousand people and as we held the communion service, it was like the Heavenly Feast! I was busy being the President of the Convention and as an interpreter as well, for several speakers like Robert Schuller, Alan Ahlgrim, this year's NACC Convention President, etc. I feel that this Convention can be the springboard for the Korean Churches to jump up again for another revival! I guess, for people like us, being a SPRINGBOARD IS THE MOST PRACTICAL AND HONORABLE thing that we can be. I hope that I could be the springboard for all our children to jump into the world and to rise above the world!

The main theme of the Convention was the Restoration Movement. "Return to the Bible" was our motto! And all the speakers focused their speeches on centering our faith on God and His Words. I feel that we can divide the population of our 21st Century to two classes. One class is CENTERING OUR LIVES ON US °human beings." Human is always the center. Buddhism, Confuciunism and most of the other present religions of the world center on human beings. They emphasize what it can do for the human being, but Christian faith is different. ITS CENTER IS GOD. "What we can do for God" is much more important than what God can do for us I found out. And it is such a enormous difference. Important thing is the direction. DIRECTION CAN MAKE SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE. Take a vocabulary word like "Live" for instance. Reading it from the left and the right can be so different "Live" or "evil." So the Restoration Movement, I feel, is to choose the right direction!. Because, we exist for God, not that God exists for us!

Talking about two different classes of today's people. I feel that it can be divided to two kinds of people. There are people who are SICK BY EATING TOO MUCH and the people who are sick for NOT HAVING ENOUGH to eat. They say a half of today's population are starving.... they say two babies die by starvation in this world every second. And yet, there are so many people who are sick either by eating or dieting! To me, dying by starvation is the worst death.... I know it and my children know it... WE KNOW IT BY EXPERIENCE. Even the scripture says, "Better are those slain with the sword than those slain with hunger (Lam 4: 4,5,9)." The most realistic part of the Lord's Prayer, to us, is "Give us this day our daily bread." And we appreciate it more, because the Lord's Prayer is in the form of plural. Because I know for a fact that as long as there are starving people in this world, there can not be real peace in the world! (Jer. 29: 7)

August is the hottest season in Korea. Even when we sit in the shade, the sweat keeps flowing. The other day, I was preaching in a Church, and the sweat kept my sermon-note wet, and I had to preach without it. I talked about the days when we were starving during the war-days of the Second-World War and the Korean war, and some Church members started sobbing. It really TURNED OUT TO BE A WET SERMON. But whether it was wet or dry, Holy Spirit blew it dry like a mighty wind! You probably heard about 23 Korean hostages kidnapped by the terrorists in Afghanistan. They went there to do the mission work risking their lives. Two are killed already including the leading minister, and the rest are sick and dying. Please pray for them...pray for their safe return!.

Yours because of Calvary,


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