My dear American Friends:

Everytime when I look at these babies, I know that this world still has hope. In spite of Natural and Moral pollutions, in spite of the nuclear threats, in spite of the ever increasing disasters, oil-prices and famines, THIS WORLD STILL HAS HOPE. Otherwise, our God would not have sent these babies into the world! So If you have any problems, I suggest that you come and spend one hour with these babies, and all your problems will be blown away, and you will see what I mean. That's why, perhaps, God sent His Only Son in a form of a baby. And everyone of these tiny babies are the pearls of Hope for this world. The other day, I saw a dorm mother sighing as she was washing heaps of diapers, and I encouraged her saying "You are washing a heap of the Hope so that we can see the Hope clearer" and she stopped sighing.

Sometimes I think that's why my father had so many children. Actually, I am in the middle of the eleven children. And my father had heaps of the problems... He was threatened by the Japanese occupying forces, he was threatened by the Communist invaders, he was threatened by the Buddhists, Confucianists and Atheists. His house was burnt a couple of times by the mob and his books were burnt publicly, but he still had hope in God Who would not "break the bruised reed and would not quench the smoking flax (Mr. 12: 20)." That's why, I think, he kept on giving births to his eleven children. And I am glad that he gave me a birth. One of our Bible Colleges in the US decided to set up a SCHOLARSHIP IN HONOR OF MY FATHER. Through this scholarship, I am happy that many more preachers will be raised and they are the hope of the world.

One of the reasons why I am mentioning "Problems and Hope" is that our country and our city has been having quite a problems. Perhaps you read about the demonstrations and fights in Seoul streets. The mob's excuses is that they are against the FTA, but we know that they are inspired and plotted by the communists' agitators. Every night they are marching to the Presidential house trying to overthrow the government. The other day, I preached on Lamentations 3:29 "Put your mouth in the dust" calling for repentance of every individual, every Church and every government official and I received not a few threatening phone calls as well as encouragements. In fact, I plan to broadcast it tomorrow and there will be many more calls, I know. But I AM READY WITH THE ANSWER; Rev 2: 5

It's hot here. When children come back from schools, they are bathed with sweat, and we try to cool them down with ice-cream bars or something... but then, they are right back to the soccer field... so there are not a few portable ice-cream sellers around our Home after schools. I am not sure if it's good for their health, but I am sure that it's not good for my pocket book, especially when you have eighty plus children. Actually, the summer vacation is not far away and I DO NOT KNOW HOW I CAN KEEP 80 CHILDREN AND FIVE BABIES TOGETHER ALL SUMMER!

A newspaper man came to me the other day and asked for a scripture at the time of emergency. The scripture I gave was Isa. 30: 15. "He who believes shall not be disturbed." In another translation, it says "He who believes shall not make haste." To me, from Korean translation and Hebrew Bible, it's more like "He who believes shall not be upset" or "shall not lose composure." In the time of emergency, like fire or North Korean invasion, or facing armed robber, or receiving five babies at one time, or ten children having chicken-pox at one time, or forgetting password in internet, DO NOT LOSE YOURSELF! the scripture says. God Who created the world and cared for it for millions of years, God Who watched and cared for our birth and growth from the mother's womb do not make haste. So let us not be upset or lose composure in this troubled time. Let us not complain that Christ's Second Coming is late! He is not disturbed! Like Isaiah says "In quietness and trust will be our strenght!(Isa. 30: 15).
I am sending the next month's letter a little bit earlier, because I am leaving for the USA for speaking, including the Korean Churches. My contact phone number in America would be (408) 255-6774.
Yours because of Calvary,

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