My dear American Friends:

What would you do, if you are confined in a small three-feet-by-three-feet-by-three feet iron-barred prison, and left to starve to death? What would you do? You can not stretch your legs, can't stand, can't even sit straight. North Korean police might give you a fistful of rice once every other day so that you will not die soon. There are no books, no notes, no nothing to do. Not a few of our student-preachers from North Korea experienced it and survived to tell us. What most of them did in those terrible iron-boxes was to DREAM OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN! The others, that is non-Christian prisoners, went mad after a few days, or just died. But most of the Christians survived! And that's the power of the Christian faith and that was their testimony to us when we met them in China last month. In fact, one of them told me that North Korean prisons was the BEST PLACE TO CONTACT CHRISTIANS and best place to communicate Christian messages, as there were scriptures sculptured on the wall (perhaps with fingernails or with chop-sticks) of the prison cells. Actually, I can not begin to tell you the horror of what they went through just because they are Christians. I am just asking you to remember them in your prayers.

The North Korean police or the prison guards really do not care if you die. There is nothing like human rights in their materialistic social system. You are not human being anymore once you are out of their system. In fact, Christians were treated even worse than animals. And Christians do not care. Just as long as they can believe in the Spiritual world, they do not care how their bodies were treated. I met a young lady who was arrested just because she was teaching Bible to the children. And in prison, she was beaten and tortured to confess the names of the other Christians. When she was released she was crying. Someone asked her why she was crying and she answered, "BECAUSE THEY TOOK MY BIBLE AWAY." All that torture she went through, she didn't care, she just wanted to be able to keep that Bible.

August is summer vacation for our children of Geon Christian Children's Home. I was tired from my evangelistic trips, but I had to take our children to a few days of summer camp. We chartered two buses and went to a sea-coast. The children had wonderful time and I WAS BUSY COUNTING the heads (or the bottoms) of our children coming in and out of the sea-waves. I was counted out when all the children came Home safe and sound. I even asked God to count them instead, but I guess, He was already counting. At the coast, I preached three sermons. There were many non-Christian neighbours there, so I used movie-like-titles such as 'Adventure in the Sea' 'Gone with the wind' etc. and hung outside of the tent. Believe me, there were a few people who came into the tent thinking that we were showing old movies.

The best thing that our children like when they go to the sea is the dried squids. Our children chew them for hours, like they chew chewing gums. I used to like to chew dried squids myself, until my teeth aged a little. I remember preaching to a tent full of new believers, some of whom were actually chewing dried squids, and I said, "BIBLE READING IS LIKE CHEWING DRIED SQUIDS, you might not like it at the first bite, but if you keep chewing, you will soon learn that it really tastes like Heaven!" I am not sure if I can preach the same thing with chewing gums, as it keeps on losing the sweetness. But did you know that when the chewing gums were first introduced to Asian countries (perhaps by American soldiers), it was advertised as "Everlasting food." It may not be everlasting, but I guess it lasts more than the other food, and I may be able to use it as a title for my future sermons.

Yours because of Calvary,

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