My dear American Friends:                               

Our Children's Home come from all sorts of background. Not a few of them come from broken homes, and not a few of them has brothers or sisters. An older sister and a younger brother came some years ago. It was a freezing winter night, the younger brother had both socks and mittens, but the sister had neither of them. I thought that the mittens the little brother wore looked rather different. I looked closer and found that the little brother had socks in both hands. They probably belonged to the older sister and the sister probably took them off to protect the freezing hands of the brother.

One time, our Home received sisters whose father was still living, but the father was an alcoholic and was beating the daughters. So we took the sisters to our Home to protect the children from the father. The father became very sick and came to see the daughters. The younger sister went out to talk with him, but the older sister didn't. We pursuaded her to go, but she wouldn't. Eventually, one of the house-mothers cooked a boul of noodle and asked the older sister to take it to the father. She did and met the father. The father eventually died a few months later. The sisters attended the funeral. The younger sister kept crying, but the older didn't, until the actual cremation, and then she bursted out crying "I AM GLAD THAT I MET HIM when he came to see us."

Actually, finding a relative and meeting them is always big event in our Home. Once a while, they find their uncle or aunt, or even father or mother. Korea had many tearful history where the families were seperated. In fact, most of the Korean families have some one of their family living either in North Korea or South Korea. So even some of our children get to find some member of their families and then we hold a big party with noodle soup (we usually celebrate happy occasions with noodle parties. Lots of people feel that noodles somehow have connecting power.) But of course the biggest meeting, for us Christians, is to meet our Heavenly Father. So, the biggest task for me, when our children come to us, is for them to to meet their Heaven Father and shout, like the older sister did, "I am glad that I met my Heavenly Father." I feel that THIS IS ONE HAPPY TASK that God has given to us Christian workers, especially to us, Christian social workers.

The class that I am teaching at Seoul Christian University also has many 'meetings of this kind, special kind.' I usually teach classes made of many foreign students; students from such countries as Mongolia, Viet Nam, India, Myanmar, Phillipine etc. I OFTEN THINK OF THE DAY OF PENTECOST, when I hear them talk to each other in their own languages, and then when I, as a teacher, start to teach Bible, in English in this case as it is a language that most of them understand, they all start to speak in one language. At the end of the classes, I encourage them to pray in their own languages, as we all feel much more comfortable as we pray in our mother tongue (frankly that's how I myself feel as I pray). I am looking forward to the time when these students go back to their countries with this Message of God and evangelize their own countries!

The mother tongue has that aroma of 'HOME' 'Mon and Dad' etc. To us, Christians, it is something like John 3: 16. When we hear John 3: 16, it almost sounds like nursery song, a lullaby. I know a mother whose baby daughter was kidnapped by the communists and the baby girl was raised to be a communist leader. The mother kept searching for her for more than 20 years. When finally the daughter was hunted and arrested by the South Korean police, the mother was sure that she was her daughter and kept reminding her of the family's love and pursuading to repent and defect etc. The daughter kept denying that she was her daughter and even cursed the mother, until the mother started to sing a nursery song. And then the comuunist daughter started to listen and cried "mother." yes, JOHN 3: 16 IS LIKE GOD'S LULLABY SONG.

Yours because of Calvary,

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