My dear American Friends:

Believe or not, we have another twin baby girls in our Home. They are also the babies of a North Korean defector. But they are a little older, 28 months old, and they never speak, mainly because they never learned to speak, never smile and don't even cry. 'HAPPY ARE THE CRYING BABIES.' When they are abandoned, that is, when there are no one who cares when they cry, they stop even to cry... they look drawn together like a closed umbrella.. Anyway, they have been living with us for about two weeks, I never saw them smile. Actually, I try to hug them just a little bit more than the other babies and try to teach them to say a few words, but I have not been very successful.

The Babies are funny... the weaker they may be, the more you want to help. They don't give you anything, they don't even smile, but you want to do something for them.... I call it 'BABY-POWER'.... Like someone said, 'a baby may not be able to lift much, but it can hold a marriage together.'

Talking about 'Power,' I believe that everybody whom God sent to this world was born with a purpose and therefore has some sort of power. I often preach to the retired people, and I talk about 'OLD PEOPLE'S POWER.' They may not be able to do much, and they can't remember very well, but they can give advice and pray for the others, and that is powerful power. We have a braille-Bible school and we have number of blind students. Even the secretary is blind. And at nights, our electricity often stops, but it doesn't stop the blind people. They keep on working and walking. They have 'BLIND'S POWER.' Anybody who think that they can't do anything has 'INABILITY POWER.' Because like Paul said, "When I AM WEAK, I AM STRONG."(IICor. 12:10)

A man came to see me the other day and wanted to talk to me. Like I said, he talked to me mostly and I mostly sat there listening ( I am good at it) for a couple of hours. He came back next week, for another session of counseling. We sat and he started to say, "Last week, when I came to see you, I was determined to commit suicide, but I wanted to talk to someone for the last time..." Something icy ran through my spine knowing that I was facing a man of death for a couple of hours. Actually, they say that Korea is a country with the most suicides in the world, and especially among orphans. We never had a suicide in our Home during the last 45 years of history and I thank God for that. As the years go by, I am aware of my inability more and more, and I learn to depend on God more. Actually, Holy Spirit takes over when you are too weak and He can do so much better. So, learn to step aside once in a while and watch Holy Spirit work. I call it 'absent ministry' and my homiletic students liked it.

I just came back from our childrens' summer camp in an island, about two hours on a ship. It rained all the time, but our children still enjoyed swimming and playing in the raining beach. They caught many little crabs. We cooked them for their evening meals, but they wouldn't eat them, thinking of the little cute crabs they chased after in the sand. Actually keeping 80 children together during the trips through buses, ships, sand dunes and the sea is almost impossibility. I appreciate Jesus' parables of a lost sheep so much more during the summer camps.... (especially when I become the lost sheep. and believe me, it happened in past).

In fact, I was ministering to a senior citizen the other day, who was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. He kept forgetting. He said "What am I going to do, if I forget Jesus someday." I saw it happened. A Church elder who was faithful for more than fifty years became sick and forgot just about everything. When I went to see him, he asked me "Who are you?" and said "Who is Jesus.?" It tore my heart, but it may happen to you and me too, I guess. However, It is so comforting to realize that even though we forget Him, HE WILL NEVER FORGET ME! Isa. 49 :15 says "they may forget, yet I wilI not forget thee."

Yours because of Calvary,



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