My dear American Friends:

One of my smaller children asked me, the other day, why my hair is so thin and scarce. I could have said many things, but I said, "because GOD PATS MY HEAD so often." I believe that God does. Through so much sickness and trials I face in my life and work, God kept on patting my head and I was able to come through victoriously. Even now I, especially our University, am facing difficulties, but I believe that our God will prevail, because He loves us so much that He keeps petting our heads.

Summer is here and our children's school vacations started. Having 75 children at Home all the time is NOT A PEACEFUL PICTURE. Someone breaks something all the time. But we are planning DVBS, summer camp and even a trip to the World' Oceanic Exposition being held at Southern city of Korea. Thousands of children are there (they are talking about ten thousand people everyday). We are training our children to hold tightly unto each other. The trouble is, sometimes, the hands that they held unto, turns out to be a total stranger.

I remember last words of a Korean minister whose funeral I conducted last year. He told his wife to hold unto his hand as tightly as she could. She did, and then he said, "HOLD UNTO THE HAND OF JESUS CHRIST as tightly as you are doing, and you will be all right." I happened to be the President of the Senior(I mean 'old senior') Preachers' Fellowship and this days, one of physical exercises we do when we get together is to hold unto the neighbor's hands tightly.

One of the things which we tried to hold unto for many years, we may have to let go. On the vacant land beside our Children's Home, Catholic Church is building a welfare building. We used a part of it for our parking area and they said that we have to vacate it soon.(Actually, we thought that it was our land). If and when we do, we may have to use our children's basketball court for parking and we hate to do that. So, we are praying to be able to buy a part of the vacant land, and it's too big money for us. When you pray for us, will you pray also for the FUND TO BUY THE PARKING AREA, to save our children's basketball court!

We are having a big election in South Korea. We are voting for the new President and there are all kinds of debates, accusations and demos in the streets. Someone said that DEMOCRACY IS SO NOISY AND CONFUSING. Still it's better than not having them at all. There is a story, at a North Korean voting booth, one of the voters was given an already stamped and sealed vote, and being told to put into a voting box, like they have been doing for years. He complained that "as a voter, I want to see at least whom I am voting for." and an attendant, a police, sternly answered "That's why it's a secret election."

These days, I am attending and speaking in many meetings which are trying to help the North Korean defectors. Twice last month, we held large prayer meetings for the release of many Korean preachers being captured and held by the North Korean and Chinese police, on account of their mission activities in North Korea and China. We know that there are not a few missionaries being held in prison even right now, and we prayed and cried all night for their release. The Church is Christ's body and they are a part of our body. It's like a part of our limbs being torn off. HOW CAN WE NOT FEEL THEIR PAIN!


1, Our missionaries being held in China and in North Korea.

2. We, our Children's Home, will have the fund to buy the parking space, and save the Children's basketball court.

3. Someone asked me what their children can do for our children and I answered,

'Please pray for them' and 'save left over candies and gums to send to our children'

Yours because of Calvary,




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