My dear American Friends:

August 15 is the Victory day for you, victory over Japanese military empire. To us, it's the LIBERATION DAY, liberation from 36 years of Japanese occupation. For 36 years, they tried to destory our language, names, traditions and even our faith. They failed, of course, but they imprisoned many of our preachers including my father and many died in prisons. As a child, I remember thousands of people on that day, rushing out of prisons and jumping for joy in freedom. But the peace did not stay with us for long. Korean War started in 1950, and again Korea was occupied by the Communist invaders and again, Church buildings were destroyed and Christian preachers were arrested and killed, including my father, by the Communists.

But those were the days that the Churches grew the most. The number of Christians grew, under persecution, by thousands and millions. Truly "the blood of the martyrs became the seeds (and fertilizer) of the Church." Even today, Korean political situation is only a half-peace, because officially it's cease-fire status. But the Churches keep growing and we keep running preaching the Gospel. Christian faith is like riding on bicycles-UNLESS YOU KEEP RUNNING, YOU FALL.

At this year's Christian convention, I am going to talk about 'Spiritual liberation', as it says in Romans 8:2, "For the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made us free from the law of sin and death". We are liberated... we are free in Christ! After I talked about, in another place, "Spirit of God dwelling within us (Romans 8:9)", a man came to me and said, "It must be like 'RADIATION CHIP' planted in my body by cancer surgery... it keeps killing bad cells within me." I guess it can be an illustration.

Besides, we will receive "the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry 'Abba Father.'" This word 'father' means so much to our children of Geon Home. Most of our children lost their 'fathers' in flesh. And now, they call me 'father'. Even our smallest children, who may be 70 or even 80 years younger than me, call me 'father'. In fact, if anyone calls me 'grand-pa' he will be scolded by our children immediately. "No, he is not 'grand-pa', he is 'father'." How privileged we are to call our God 'ABBA FATHER'.

I receive many phone-calls from our radio program, and many of them appeal and consult about their spiritual illness as well as their physical illness. As answers, sometimes I give them scriptures, or pray together, or just cry with them... The scriptures I gave yesterday was from II Cor. 5: 1, "If our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, not made with hands...." This earthly tent in which I live will be taken down, and then we will have a new building in Heaven!" On this earth, we can have only partial repairs (of our bodies), here and there... how we wish we can have a whole new motor, a COMPLETE OVERHAUL, a brand new building! And we will have it in Heaven, a whole new body, not made with hands, but eternal in Heaven!

I know that it's much too late, but I am sending you one of my son's wedding picture...a picture with eight of my brothers and sisters in it. They are all seventies, eighties and nineties. 60 years ago, when Korean War started, we were only small children. When Communists invaded South Korea, captured and killed my father, his last words were a prayer. He prayed "God, please take care of these children." After 60 years, all nine of us are not only alive, but also they are all working for Christ. If this is not God's Answer to my father's prayer, I don't know what is! GOD ALWAYS ANSWERS PRAYERS!

Yours because of Calvary,



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