My dear American Friends:

August 10, 1957 was the day when I landed at San Francisco with $7.00 in my pocket. I knelt at pier 5 and prayed that God will help me to finish my study in five years. August 23, 1962 was the day that I landed at Incheon port, Korea, pier 3 with $35.00. I knelt and prayed that God will help me to start a Bible College, Publishing House, Radio work and if possible, an Orphanage. It was a big dream for a small preacher with small money. But God has been so good to realize those dream. I am still small (may be smaller) and Korea is still a dangerous country, but I am still dreaming.

Of course my dream has changed somewhat. Now I dream that our graduate missionaries will trot around Asia and dye Asia with Christian flags. I dream that our grown up children of Geon Home will be successful Christian leaders in our country and throughout Asia. I dream that our North Korean listeners of our Radio messages will be able to reach out many non-Christians around them. I dream that our publications will be read and lead them to follow Christ. But I also dream of the day when I die and "rest from my labor (Rev. 14: 13)." I also dream of the day of His Second Coming. But before His Second Coming, I wish and pray that North Korea will be freed from the persecution of the dictators.

Beginning this August, 2014, I am starting a periodical called "Old men's dreams". It's a small Korean periodical with sermons, sermon outlines, and advices which we want to leave to this world. It starts with a sort of poetry, something like the following; "You can forget me anytime, but please don't ever forget Jesus of Nazareth. You can abandon me with no problem, but please don't abandon Jesus' Words. You will lose nothing even if you leave me, but please don't leave His Church. Your life will lose nothing without me, but don't lose the Cross. Important thing is not your relationship with other men and women. Important thing is your relationship with the Lord. Whoever and wherever, all will love Jesus and His Church, that's my only wish...

Our children are fine and so is God's Work through us. Like one of our children wrote to his sponsor; "Are you fine? I am fine. God is fine...." Our God has been busy in Korea and Asia and so are we. As I mentioned before, our government is helping us to build a new building of Children's Welfare Comprehensive Town. And we are busy raising one tenth of the total construction. We are also busy preparing DVBS and summer camps for our children, as their summer vacation is August.

For their summer camps, we are planning to charter two buses. The problem is that some of our children get car sick. And once, one child gets sick, just about everybody follow. Bus full of car-sick children is something else. I used to tell my children not to look at houses and people swiftly passing by the bus windows, but to look at the top of mountain..."and you won't get car-sick." I used to tell my children. (It works you know)

The same thing is with this world. As we look at the things that are happening near by us,... humenly things and often disgusting things...this earth is turning too fast that we get a sort of earth-sick. So, don't look at those fast changing, disgusting things...turn your eyes, to the top of the mountain, Jesus Christ, and you won't get earth sick.

Like one of our children wrote; You are fine. We are fine. And God is fine.

Please pray for;

1. Our children's summer camps; that everyone will be fine and have good time.

2. Our students' summer evangelistic trips; that many lost souls will be reached.

Yours because of Calvary,


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