My dear American Friends:

Believe or not, we now have 13 babies... all from Churches' baby-boxes. Several Churches decided to set up boxes for those babies whom the mothers, many teenagers, who absolutely had to give up mothering. The boxes have light, warm blankets and the system to let the pastor know immediately. And many of those babies eventually come to us. They are beautiful babies, but usually sick and hungry for love. We give them names, a home and lots of love! I told our workers the other day that they are servants of God, actually 'SAVING LIVES', because these babies may have died if we didn't care.

Actually, we have raised thousands of homeless children, last fifty years, many of whom are the children of the defectors from North Korea. Many of their parents died or lost and seperated during the daring courses of escaping from North Korea...not only dangerous escape from North Korea, but also during the long and starving journey through the hostile continent of China. If God had not protect them, they would not be alive today. That's why we feel that these children are like PEARLS BORN THROUGH THE PAIN...the pain of God in these cases. And we thank God for making us life-savers. It may not be 'evangelism' exactly, but we are 'saving lives.' thank God!

I had a chance to preach to hundreds of the inmates of Anyang prison last month. My scripture was from Eph. 2: 10. "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works...." and I often heard from the audience echoing "we are God's workmanship" It meant something special for them to realize that we are not factory product, but we are specially created by God for a purpose. Actually, in Greek, it means "GOD'S POEM" and it really means something special, to me, to realize that our lives are 'God's poetry!'

Also, I preached to hundreds of aged preachers on July 1 celebrating 40th Anniversary of Christian Leaders' Association. And I preached from Isa. 33: 27 "The Eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting Arms" Korean retired preachers usually do not receive pentions and they are without sound economical foundation. We usually think of God up above and try to reach Him. It's good to know that HIS EVERLASTING ARMS ARE UNDERNEATH and no matter where we fall, actually we can not fall out of His Arms! Like one of our children said, "He is like an electric blanket, no matter where we lay down, we are warm in His Arms!" and It means a lot during cold Korean winter!

Talking about winter, Korean summer heat is buring Korea presently. It seems that this earth is getting warmer and warmer every year and keeping 70 children cooler in this weather is battle every day. Accually, supplying enough drinking water for 70 children in this weather is battle for survival...especially in this season when virus are active. I often try to take our children for walks through woods and also for walks through the Words of God, for Jesus said, "in them, a spring of water welling up." I preach everyday, either to Churches, to our children or through radio! And I need that 'SPRING OF WATER' more than anybody else! Pleasse pray for me.

Actually, I like 'listening' much more than 'speaking." And having 70 children, hundreds of students, and Church members, I do lots of 'listening.' One time, one young Church member wanted to talk to me, and as usual I listened. He started to pour out his problems and complaints about the Church. Actually, he started saying "I decided to stop coming to Church"

and complained for almost an hour and I kept listening. After an hour, his voice started to weakening and eventually said in smaller voice "I want to cancel what I said and want to continue coming...." I feel that 'LISTENING IS LOVING' and I plan to continue listening....

Yours because of Calvary,


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