My dear American Friends:

I mentioned about the work of the older preachers in our area. They are active... to my eyes, they are more active than the younger preachers. And they have ideas. As I mentioned in one of my past letters, we have a group of older preachers who have some excellent ideas to awaken the younger preachers and Church members. They all agreed that the spiritual status of this world is much below the Biblical standard... that is, the evil of this world is about to destroy the world and we felt that it's our responsibility. And they suggested to hold WHIPPING CONVENTION for repentance. I happened to be one of the co-Presidents of the Christian Leaders' Association and and they have been holding it since last year. I am enclosing a picture of one of the past conventions, whipping ourselves for repentance and for the repentance of the world. It was broadcast and we hope that it made many of the audience repent and weep as they whip themselves.

Some of you may know that our Children's Home is near a Airport and we often see Airplanes flying in or out of the Airport. It's a beautiful site, especially when they are lighted at night. One time, one of our children asked me, as we were watching "Can they fly backward?" and they can't, can they? They can only go forward. So, my message topic, that evening was "Keep on going forward!" In fact the more resistance there are, the better and the higher the planes fly... just like the kites. Kites need the resistance, resistance like the wind! The stronger the wind is, the higher the kites fly! In a country like Korea, we have plenty of wind and the resistance. We are living only 20 miles from North Korea and 150 miles from China, we hear plenty of threats everyday and the wind makes us fly higher. In fact, Jesus, one time, explained the Holy Spirit as the wind. The wind is invisible like Holy Spirit. But like the Holy Spirit, we need wind. Our lungsneed wind... it makes the difference of life and death. In fact, whether the Church is alive or dead... the HOLY SPIRIT MAKES DIFFERENCE.

We now have 17 babies in our Home....the youngest one is only one month old. And every time when I hold them, I feel like holding a sun. Actually, every one of them is like sun to me... they are warm, bright... and so lively. And when they smile, the WHOLE WORLD SEEMS TO BE SMILING. They are my bank of the most precious treasures and they are my dreams for a better world.... peaceful world where you don't hear the news of missiles and abandoned babies! I feel like Paul who shouted "Be joyful" from the prison cells where he was kept chained!

Having so many children in a house, we tend to look for what he (or she) CAN NOT DO. But I have been trying to look for what he (or she) CAN DO. For instance, even with small project like sending these letters, I know some child who can fold letters good, or paste well, or even stamp good. In fact, sometimes I have long line of children sticking their tongues out ready to stick. There are good dishwashers, good feeders of dogs and cats and of course good diaper changers of the babies. After all, God created everything including man and woman and "it was very good." And yet, EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT. How God was able to create every child so different, I never know; and yet, I feel that I learned a great lesson that every child is different. There is a child who cries when a flower fall and and child who laughs. I had a child who was so sad at a dead caterpillar that he made a nice tomb for him. It seems to me that the babies have extra buffer-zone in their behinds. When they learn to walk, they fall so many times, and yet they stand up right away! Thank God that they are different.

You might not know that we have Bible Correspondence School and Braille Bible School. We have all the lessons (including Braille lessons) prepared and one time, we had hundreds of students. Our life-time braille secretary, a blind preacher Hahn still calls me once a while and ask me if we had a new student. In fact, he called me the other day and told me that he has seven candidates. Praise the Lord!


Yours because of Calvary,


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