My dear American Friends:

"Good Morning!" Korean morning greetings are usually "Bamsae, Annyung Haseyoh?" which means "Have you been safe during the night?" We have been saying it for hundreds of years, but it sounds so real to us these days, when ICBMs are flying over heads and the threats of war over the morning news. After the news, I usually go to see the peaceful sleeping faces of our babies! How we need God's love and protection everyday! One time, I ministered a poor refugee Church on a top of a mountain. The Church was so poor that we had an Army tent to begin with and when the wind brew hard, it picked up the Church and brew away.(in fact, the Church was the first Church building I built).

At that Church, I was calling on some Church members and from a house, I heard an woman crying and singing "What a friend we have in Jesus!".I stepped inside, and saw a mother crying holding a baby and the baby was dead. I reminded that the baby had gone to Heaven and asked if I could help. Her answer with tear was "I was not a good Christian, I heard that Jesus died for me, but I really did not believe, did not feel the Love of Jesus, until my own baby died. When I felt the pain of my baby dying, suddenly, I felt the Love of, the pain of Jesus in my heart." That's why she was crying and singing "What a friend we have in JESUS!" We really do not know how great His Love is! Love is not just feeling...It's Power! It's Victory!

Since I started this letter with old stories, let me write some more of the old War-time stories...actually August always remind me of my past war-time experiances. When North Korean Army invaded and occupied most of South Korea, especially SEOUL City, my home town, we didn't have time to escape. My father, who was a minister, was caught and killed. I was caught myself and forced to fight for them. I refused and they asked me "why." "because I am a Christian" I answered, and suddenly, he placed his knife on my neck and asked "Even if someone is about to kill you?" I couldn't answer, I didn't answer and the torture started. But it made me think. Can I really love the enemy like Jesus did? Can I pray for the enemy like Jesus did from the Cross?

And I answer "YES!" Because I know some real stories. Pastor Sohn, for instance. His two sons were killed by a Communist. When the killer was caught, Pastor Sohn pleaded for the life of the enemy and actually adopted the enemy communist. The commuinist eventually became a Christian and his son studied at our Christian University and became a preacher! So, it is possible to love the enemy. Have you heard of story of Commander Fujita who was a commander of the Pearl Harbour attack? He later heard of the story of Jane who was a nurse of the Japanese prisoners of War camp. She was so kind to the prisoners and the reason was that her parents were missionaries to Japan and were eventually beheaded by the Japanese soldiers. She decided to love the enemies and she did! Commander Fujita heard the story, converted and became a preacher. Loving even the enemies is possible, because Jesus loved us!

I am truly thankful to God for our dedicated workers and loving children. Our children had much difficult time before they came to our Home. Some of them, I hesite to say, were "abandoned." They may hate the world. But they don't. They learned to love the room-mates and love to share...even the babies. They are leaning to share even a cookie. They may fall down, but they learned to help to stand up again. I was moved when I saw one helper (dorm-mother), when she saw a child falling down, she fell down herself and showed the way to stand up. She was the one who taught the children to sing and pray always before meals. The Love makes great teacher and great children! and I love them all.


Yours because of Calvary,


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