My dear American Friends:

I do not know if you ever heard of a man called Karl Gutzlaff? He was a man who planted the seed of the Gospel and the seed of the potatoes for the first time in the soil of Korea 200 years ago. He passed away, but the seed grew and now there are more than a million Christians in South Korea who are now spreading the seed of the Gospel all over Asia and now even to go over North Korea.

As the month of August is here and our children are on the summer vacation, we plan to take them to the summer camp. This year, we will go to a site where there are hills and rivers for the children to play in, near to the North Korean border where we fought as young soldiers. Going there again makes me think that maybe soon, perhaps, we might have the chances to get acquainted with the North Koreans, even to be acquainted as neighbours and friends. Even our children say that this would be like loving our enemy as Jesus says, and I hope that it will become reality! Some of us have family still left in North Korea, and we all long to meet them. Once awhile, like once every ten years, we have official meetings of lost family members on both sides, but we havenít had something that like for many many years now.

When I think about that, I also think about our children who might not have family in North Korea but still miss their family anyway as orphans in South Korea. When they come to our home, I take them to the picture of Jesus and I pray with them, but nobody can comfort a little child who just lost his or her mother. No words, not even chocolates can stop their tears. For those children who are lonely and feel sorrow you cannot share just outward words, but some words from God that they can hear from the inside, like John 14:18 or John 8:29, etc. I plan to speak this summer, from these words...

In fact, these are some of the words I have been hearing from God many times recently as I suffer from illness and feel frustration and look forwards to meet Him before long. Actually, I lost my mother when I was nine during the Second World War and lost my father during the Korean War so I know what these words means.

Speaking of the Korean War, June 25 was the beginning of the Korean War and we were hoping that June 25, 2018 would be the end of the Korean War, but it didnít work out that way. At last, we are hoping and praying that it will be the definite ending of the testing of the nuclear missiles from this earth forever!


Yours because of Calvary,


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