December 2010

December 2010
My dear American Friends:                           

75 children of Geon Christian Children's Home, 1000 students of Seoul Christian University and Lord knows how many of our Radio message listeners and Korean Christian Churches wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
But sometimes I think of the people who were not happy at all by the birth of Jesus Christ. We already know that King Herod was angry, and think of the pain and cry of the mothers whose babies were murdered by the anger and fear of the King Herod. Sometimes I think of even the fear of Mary as she had a baby by the Holy Spirit. Nobody would believe it and nobody did believe it and there could be all sorts of rumors, misunderstanding and mudslinging. (I have had not a few mudslingings in my life and I know how painful it is.) Actually the angel predicted that "THE SWORD WILL PIERCE EVEN YOUR OWN SOUL" (Luke 2: 35) and she had to watch her son dying on the cross.
I think of the RECENT ARTILLERY ATTACK on a South Korean village. North Korea keeps on creating crises and keeps on challenging the South to fight. And South Korea, along with America, keeps on trying to evade all-out confrontation, for the peace of the world...  it is painful, almost as painful as the heart of MARY and just as fearful. It seems that the key words are "perseverance, patience, endurance" but for how long...? It seems that the only thing that I can do is to let the world know the danger of Atheism and Communism; and keep on trying to reach even enemy's heart with the Gospel. Please, please pray for PEACE IN KOREA!
Anyway, some of our preachers, the graduates of Seoul Christian University, started what they call 'FOOT-WASHING EVANGELISM'. It's simple... they go washing the feet of the people, and along with washing, they massage and even cure the bodies of the sick people. You know how popular 'foot-massaging' or even ' foot-acupuncturing' service is in places like China. What our preachers do is to do it as service, that is, free service and at the same time, talk about Jesus and His Gospel with intention to reach the guests' heart with the Love of God. We call it 'foot-washing evangelism."
Actually, one of our graduates is a blind preacher and he also is an expert on "acupuncture." He cures various diseases with his patients lying on bed and with sharp acupuncture needles in his hands. And just before he punctures the patients with his needles, he asks the patient if he or she believes in Christ. You wouldn't believe how many patients answer affirmatively in that situation and he wins lots of patients for Christ that way. He calls it 'ACUPUNCTURE-EVANGELISM.' Perhaps the best Christmas gift we can present to God is 'the born-again souls.' What I enjoy the most is 'BATH-TUB EVANGELISM.' You know that we Asians, like to take baths and we go to the public bath-house once a while. All you do in 'bath-tub evangelism' is just talk to the neighbors about Christ while taking baths together. Somehow, there is something magical, a sort of skinship talking without any clothes on; and besides it's not that easy to stand up and leave while talking in the public bath-tub.
We are thankful to God that in our Christmas stockings, there are already healthy legs and we still have relatively healthy bodies even under the threats of the bombardments. We do not really know how long they -- that is, peaceful bodies -- will last, but we also know that JESUS IS COMING BACK soon. Halleluyah!
Yours because of Calvary,

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