December 2011

My dear American Friends:

MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New year! Christmas means a lot to all Christians. But it means something more special to our children of Geon Christian Children's Home. As you know, our 80 children were homeless children before they came to our Home. Some of them had a Home and even Mom and Dad, but they lost all somehow. And some of them don't even know where they were born and what happened to their parents. To such children, they start to think and often think 'Why I was born' and even 'Why should I Iive?' In fact, some of them even think 'Anybody loves me?' which can lead to very miserable life. To children like these, Christmas gives many answers such as "God loves them! God gave them lives with purpose! God cares for them! God cares so much that He gave His only begotten Son and made him die on the Cross!" Oh what answers! They are like 'shower of blessings'... joy like finding their lost parents! That's how much Christmas means to these children! So Joy to the world and to everyone of you who felt like you are all alone in this lonely world! Rejoice with these children of Geon Christian Children's Home!

There is something else.... the lives with these children have been very difficult. Some of them had to live in the streets for many years, some of them traveled through the continent of China hiding from the police and from North Korean agents, some of them even escaped persecuting parents, drunken fathers etc. It was like lives through dark tunnels or climbing steep hills! But do you know that Sun-light shines to the top of hill first! Christmas is like the first sun-light to these children. In fact, it's like the first sun-light to a dark tunnel! Praise the Lord. Truly it is like an unexpected Sun-light. Because most of our children never expected to live at Geon Children's Home. Actually, Christmas is full of unexpected happenings... Mary never expected to conceive in the first place, never expected to start a long journey to Jerusalem, never expected Jesus to be born in a manger, never expected tragic death of many babies etc. etc. I guess that's why Christmas is glad-tidings to many unexpected like our children! THANK YOU AGAIN FOR LOVING AND CARING FOR THESE CHILDREN.

Actually, OUR CHILDREN DECIDED TO HANG A BIG SOCK to collect offerings for the starving North Korean children for Christmas. This is something that they decided to do and I appreciated that. It's an XL size sock or more like a Santa Claus bag and it will be able to feed lots of North Korean children. You probably know that Korean Churches usually use bags for offering, rather than plates, and they can hold a lot. Some preachers even collect offerings twice. They say 'this is not enough compared to God's Great Love, let's do it again.' Anyway, the Joy of Christmas is something that we can never be able to pay back no matter how many times we pass the plates around.

For some of our High School children, December has another gift... passing national test to go to Colleges and Universities. Millions of High School graduates take that test. Some Buddhist parents walk around stone Buddha stature thousands of times praying for their children to pass that test. Some Confusionist parents recite Confusionist saying and bow low. Some non-religion parents paste toffee to the College gates as symbol of passing. And my children, as well as my Church young people, come to me for prayers to do their best. And I expect most of our children to pass, because GOD LOVES THESE CHILDREN! In fact, a couple of our children are planning to go to our Christian university, and hoping to receive some scholarship.( remember I am the Chancellor of that University.) So we rejoice with you again for this great news of Christmas, and thank you for letting us know about this great New YEAR!

Please pray for;
1. North Korean children who never heard of Jesus and His Birth.
2. Happy New College Year especially for our High School graduates; HYUNWOO, JINSHIL, MYUNGBOO, YOHAHN, DAECHUL, YOUNGHOON
3. Many more young people to come to our Christian University.

Yours because of Calvary,


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