December 2014

My dear American Friends:

On Christmas, some people receive books as gifts, some people receive flowers as presents, I receive BABIES AS CHRISTMAS GIFTS. Actually, We received three new babies recently. They were left in a Church's "baby box," without names, without any information. It seems that there will be a few more Chaes....actually, there are already a generation of Chaes in our Home and I am beginning to have some problems remembering all their names.

I feel that birth of babies is a sign that God still has hope in this world. Or rather, this world still has hope of salvation. Everytime when I hear laughing or crying of our babies, (and that's about all I hear from these babies), I know that GOD HAS NOT YET GIVEN UP THIS WORLD! and I thank God. I may not be able to see their future with my own eyes, but I almost feel like Moses seeing the promised land and I thank God.

Another thing that I am always happy to receive are the letters from the listeners of my radio program. Sometimes, they come with loads of questions and problems and requests for visits. Still I am happy to receive them and answer them. But special letters are those from someoone who heard my radio messages before they escaped from North Korea. In fact, I have just received one. Actually, there is no mail communications between South and North Korea. It is simply impossible! But when they escape from North Korea, they try to contact me from the other countries, such as Japan, Thailand etc. Usually, they have no return addresses and very brief content...mainly that they heard me while they were in North Korea and NOW THEY ARE CHRISTIANS!...but they are full of love and new hope. They are the best Christmas gifts to me.

Talking about the Christmas gift, I must not forget the new Orphanage building God gave to us.

It is a nice red brick four story building. (Our government helped nine tenth of the construction and we are raising the rest). IT LOOKS SOMEWHAT LIKE SANTA (red color and all), but actually, the children, our children, who will be using it are somewhat like Santa Claus to me.

Somehow, when I think of Christmas, I also think of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ...especially the occasion when Jesus said to Mary, about a disciple John, "here is your son." Everytime, a new child comes, I feel that God is saying to me, "HERE IS YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER." If it is not the best Christmas present, I don't know what is!

But, our workers are saying to me, "YOU SHOULD ACT AS OUR SANTA, because you are more like Christmas gift to us, coming back to us, healthy after the critical fall of the stairs." So, I may have to dig out my old torn out Santa Claus suit and beard.

Actually, some of our former Presidents visited our children's Home long before they became presidents when they were having much problems. So, our workers were joking, the other day, that our Home is more like 'president making home.' There is no doubt that God is using our Home as a gift to this struggling world

So, we thank God and you for helping us and these children when we needed the help the most and wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Please pray for;

1. Our new babies that they will start to smile, and grow up healthy and happy.(by the way, I am looking for sponsors for these babies. Our policy is $35.00 per month)

2. Our (Korean) missionaries (especially in China near to the border of North Korea) that they will be protected and that they will have courage to preach in the midst of the persecution.

3. Our new building will be provided with beds and desks and other needed facilities..

Yours because of Calvary,


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