December 2015

My dear American Friends:

'SUNGTAN CHUKHA HAPNEEDA' which means 'MERRY CHRISTMAS!" in English. And like all Novembers were in my life, last November was very very busy, as busy as my eye-balls turn (Korean expression) or rather as our babies eye balls turn! I do not know if you ever watched baby's eye balls recently, but I watch them every hour and they are as busy as circus. If they don't, they are sick.

There were many happy celebrations also last month. Our Central Christian Church, our Second Church, celebrated its 50th ANNIVERSARY. Lord started it and we helped to start it, 50 years ago, at the center of Seoul City, and the reason for the location was not only because it was the center of 12 million population, but also because it was the center of homeless people (mainly North Korean refugees) and of the prostitution. We thought that it would be the place to go to preach if Jesus was here. So, we rented a small building, and kept preaching.

You will be amazed to find how many Churches and Church organizations started from that small rent Church building. Not only many Churches sprang out of the Church, but also a Bible College (University) and an Orphanage called Geon Christian Children's Home. The Bible College students raised goats to support their tuitions and actually fed our children of Geon Home too. So, truly, it was a FRUITFUL CHURCH.

Our first Church was also a refugee Church and a tent Church, and when the wind brew hard, we had no more building. In fact, most of the Churches I started in my life were refugee Churches... .mostly refugees from North Korea. They were hungry not only for the food, but also for the Spiritual food. Their zeal, urge and hunger for the Spiritual freedom was no less hot (Is this English? I hope that you understand) than their urge for the physical food. They would sit at the frozen floor, without food, for hours, to listen to the Words of God. I found a man on a frozen morning, with only a shirt and trembling. I took off my coat and gave to him.

Next day, he came again without a coat and I asked him what he did with the coat. His answer was "I needed a Bible more than a coat" So, he SOLD THE COAT AND BOUGHT A BIBLE. He said, "I feel warmer with my Bible on." and he was still trembling....

Even the (Korean) Churches I helped to get started in the United States were also sort of refugee Churches. Many of the people originally came from North Korea; and came to the U.S.A. You probably heard the saying that "When Japanese come together, they start a gift shop- when Chinese get together, they start a restaurant- when Koreans get together, they start a Church." (I hope that I don't make anybody upset, but I think that it's true)

Last month was also full of difficulties.... I can not tell you every difficulty we faced, but we ask your prayers for our Christian University. I am afraid that the government is putting pressure on us to either close it or reduce the number of students. And the number of the babies at Geon Children's Home are increasing. And you can imagine many problems having 70 children under one roof. Also, we are supporting 12 Korean missionaries and some of our missionaries to China are denied Visas.... so we have some difficulties, but the more problems there are, the more we learn to depend on God and He is always victorious! Everytime when we go to the Medical doctors, they usually tell us to "lie down." But Jesus always said, "STAND UP AND WALK". So, we are standing and walking. On our last Sunday of the year, I plan to preach from Paul's Words in 2 Cor. 6: 10..."As sorrowful, yet always rejoycing; as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, and yet possessing all things."

Yours because of Calvary,


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