December 2016

My dear American Friends:

Korean December is cold, just as cold as any snowing country. But our Geon Home is warm because of Christ's Coming and your love! We also decorate Christmas trees and sing Christmas carols. But perhaps our trees are a little different. Shall I say that we are still somewhat old style. First of all, it is not easy to get the Christmas trees and those modern machanical Christmas decorations. In fact, our children still make use of those paper-rings and home made stars. One child made a Cross for a decoration, and why not! CROSS IS THE REASON FOR OUR LIVING! In fact, we used to have two special trees. One is a tree decorated with our children's hopes to be when they grow up such as a nurse, soldier, preacher etc. Actually, we called it "dream tree" and I read them and pray that their dreams will come true! One time, we had a special tree in our Home which I called "seed tree."...some little things that our children came with, or brought, when they came to our Home...a note? little socks? or gloves, old picture and what not....something that I want to or they want to remember the love of somone who cared for them and who helped them to live... I remember receiving little sister. The younger one had gloves and socks on, but the older sister had neither of them. Perhaps the older sister took off her socks and put on her little sister's hands as it was freezing cold. Also, both our children and we are busy in December preparing Christmas presentation to the neighbors and friends. Our children sing and dance as well as act Christmas drama. We do this for evangelism as well as appreciation. One time, we used real live small boy for baby Jesus. But he was angry for some reason and the baby Jesus walked out of the crib in the middle of the scene. One boy acted Joseph and he complained that he has no words to say. A little girl acted a star and she said, when asked what part she is playing "I am IN AND OUT." What she meant was that she is in the act, but she can't be seen, because she is behind a curtain and moving the star at the end of a stick. I answered "Don't worry, I know that you are the one holding the stick and I will pray for you. You probably heard about the political turmoil in South Korea. The President is in trouble. To me, it's just political fights, with lots of rumors. But under the threat of North Korea and their nuclear weapons, South Korea certainly needs your prayers now. We are urging people to pray, instead of demonstrations! And continuing prayer meetings day and night. This world is full of problems no matter where, and JESUS IS THE ONLY ANSWER! If only people can see that! It tears my heart! For Christmas, we are repairing our library for the children. They love the library, as they tend to read more when the misfortune met them in their lives. But our library was old and chairs and tables needed the repair. So, this year, our library will wear new Christmas suit and tell the children lots of exciting stories! I am thinking of YAE JOON especially. He has blood flowing disease and has to travel almost four hours everyweek to a hospital. It's for little children like him that I am living my life everyday. and I thank you again for praying for us and wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I encouraged our children to make their own Christmas card and some of them tried to drew all kinds of pictures with crayons. They may not be as beautiful and shinning, but they come with armful of love from our children. Please pray for; 1. YAE JOON & HARNOOL who need to go to the hospitals every week. 2. John CHAE, my son, who plans to join our work next year.

Yours because of Calvary,






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