December 2018

My dear American Friends:

Merry Christmas again and a Happy New Year! Christmas is getting close and we are getting ready.

We are planning an annual party and performance for friends and neighbors next week. We probably will be sharing Duckcook (Korean New year rice-cake soup) and shaking hands with hundreds of friends. Actually, Korean style is more DEEP BOWING rather than shaking hands. But I personally prefer Western style of “shaking hands” rather than oriental style. I like “touching” rather than “bowing.” I think that its more personal style of sharing emotions. I like to touch my children’s hands, especially Baby’s hands…I feel like heaven when I hold my children’s hands.

We, Christian Leader’s Association, where I am one of the Directors, also are planning annual Christmas party for street people. We usually have 300 or more people from the streets and have special worship and a party. I feel that this joyful message need to reach these people and those in prisons more than anybody else. So, we hold this every year and share this message of the Hope every Christmas.

And of course, we have a Christmas party with our children. It’s always rather a big problem preparing Christmas presents to all our children, and also finding a loud voiced fat person to act as Santa Claus (certainly I am not qualified, especially since my illness early this year), but we will have a big party anyway with all of our children. Last Wednesday evening, I mentioned that the real Christmas is when we “personally receive Him as our Saviour.” And as “our sin is forgiven by the blood of Jesus on the Cross!” One of our children also mentioned that “Christmas is when we are adopted by God,” which is true. Christ and Christmas mean everything to us!

There is a place, not far from our Home, called “Martyr’s site.” When Christian faith was introduced to Korea about 250 years ago, there was so much persecution that almost 8000 people were beheaded because of their Christian faith, including many youth. I remember the story of one 13 years old boy. He was so young and pitiful that the jailor (executioner) hesitated and said “If you deny Christ once, even if you don’t, I will release you and even adopt you as my son.” And the boy answered loudly “I am adopted by God, would you like to be adopted also?” Jesus Christ is our only Lord and Saviour and we play to lie and die only for and with His Name! Hallelujah!


Yours because of Calvary,






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