My dear American Friends: 

To me, it's a clear message from God. I am talking about Tsunami disaster in the south Asian countries. The killer waves gobbled up the lives of tens of thousands in a couple of hours one Sunday morning and the world is trying to help them including some Korean doctors and nurses. However, we must remember that the waves started to come 9:30 on Sunday morning. That is THOSE WHO TRIED TO GO TO CHURCH ON THAT MORNING WERE SAFE, while those who went to the beach instead were killed. It is a clear sign from God that the end of the world is near, and that the salvation is in His Church. We must get busier spreading the Gospel of Salvation through Christ and His Church! When the Tsunami is coming, people don't have time to argue. This is no time to argue who's right. This is the time for all of us to join our hands together, make sand bags, fill up this gap and that gap, to stop the waves!

Talking about the end, sometime ago, I visited a young boy in a hospital and came back crying. It was not really the tear of sympathy, not even sadness. The tear kept flowing from my eyes, like an open faucet, by the impact of words I heard from this boy's lips. The boy had a terminal disease. Nobody dared to tell him anything, but the boy found out that he can live no longer than five years. He said, "Some babies die before they reach one years old, and some people die everyday by accidents and many die by natural disasters, but I CAN LIVE FOR FIVE YEARS! I am going to enroll to a Correspondence School and learn as much as I can before I die. And after five years, I can die smiling knowing that I did my best, and my life was worthwhile." Somehow those words broke something in my heart and the tears kept flowing, but I must confess that it renewed my faith and gave me strength to keep working

Lunar New Year's day is coming on Feb. 9th. And all those who broke the New Year's resolutions will have another chance to renew their resolutions. And besides, all of us, Koreans, will gain another year over their ages on New Year's day. To us, oldies, it's not a good news at all, but to the youth like our 77 children, they can hardly wait. Actually they say that in order to gain another age, they have to eat Dduck (rice cake) coup and all Korean families cook rice cake soup that day. For us, with 77 residing children, and with the visiting grown up children with their own children (Can you believe some of our grown up children have their own grand children!), we need to cook pots and pots of rice cake soup, and grow older whether we eat it or not. But it's a happy day for all of us. So HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AGAIN!

Actually, February has lots of activities! In addition to the Lunar New Year's day (which is a National holiday naturally), there will be not a few graduation ceremonies (including our own University's Commencement of 100 Christian soldiers), entrance examinations and what not. I shall have no time to lay my head. But God keeps on supplying me with needed strength through strange pipes! Next Sunday, I am going to preach on "ANGELS' FOOD." I found that words in an English Bible, Ps. 78:25. (Strangely I could not find the word in Korean Bible). And I am going to preach on many different "Angels' food" in the Bible. One of the things I am going to mention is "SPRING OF YOUTH" suggested in Ps 103:5. I understand that the State of Florida was discovered by the rumor of the existence of "spring of youth." In fact, I understand, the first governor of Puerto Rico, Ponce de Leon who discovered Florida, is known as the man who drank "the most water." We have just about the same story in Korea and that a grandpa drank so much "spring of youth" that he became a little baby. And that "spring of youth" mentioned in Ps 103 is "blessing His Name" with songs and prayers by "remembering the benefits" and "forgiveness" etc. (vs 1-4). There is no doubt that there are all kinds of springs in the Bible! May all of us drink from that spring and grow younger everyday! 

Yours because of Calvary,


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