My Dear American Friends:

At least a half of the people in this photograph MAY BE DEAD NOW, I am afraid.

They are defectors from North Korea. They were wandering in China searching for a chance to escape to South Korea or any other foreign embassy compound, but unfortunately they were caught by the Chinese police and forced to North Korea chained by the North Korean agents. As far as I know, they were imprisoned, after severe beating, in the most inhumane concentration camp where rats are good friends as well as good food. I heard that more than a half of the prisoners die there within two-three months on account of the severe beating, freezing and starvation. Here is the unbelievable HOLOCAUST OF THE 21ST CENTURY and I wonder if people know about it. The picket they are holding up was written with tears and blood. It says, mainly "We want to be free, please help us!"

We have been doing everything we can to help them, but I am afraid that we are desperate! Actually, it's so complicated up there that we don't know where to start. We feel that the best way to get started is to send the message of the Gospel somehow, and we have been trying to do that. We have been sending Gospel messages through palm-size Gospel tracts, balloons, bottled messages, radio and even through secret agents, but it's such a vast, closed and dark country. We have been thinking  and practicing  lying-down evangelism [whispering messages lying down], funeral meetings (worship in the form of funerals) and recently a WALKING SEMINARY, which is holding Bible classes walking side by side through the Christians who have passes to go into that country. But so far we do not see the end. I am sure that 'the end' will be brought by the mighty Hand of God, but we sure like to see 'the Hand' soon.

Our children of Geon Christian Children's Home sure enjoyed their Christmas and New Year celebration! And would you believe it, another New Year has come and gone at the end of January this year! It's Lunar New Year! Talk about the Second Chance. Our God is certainly gracious to give us the SECOND CHANCE! But some of our older children, ten to be exact, decided to spend the second New Year doing mission work in a Hindu country called Nepal. They went to Nepal to spend one week in an orphanage there and did as much mission work as possible in that only Hindu country in the world. I sent them with prayers and some money each. The joy of my life is to see the faith of our children grow. Certainly there are moments of disappointments and discouragements ... there were times when I seriously thought of closing the orphanage, but the faith grows as the children grow, and the hope matures as the children mature! I thank the Lord for not giving up!

Did I tell you about the boy who acted the part of baby Jesus in the Christmas play when he was small. He was so small and quiet that we thought he would do fine as the baby Jesus, But for some reasons he got angry during the play and he stood up and walked away. I never saw such an angry Jesus before ... but I guess Jesus got angry toward the merchants in the temple, and I suppose that he will still get angry against iniquity. But this boy grew up too, graduated from Bible College and Seminary, and now he is a CHOIR DIRECTOR of a big church. He still gets angry toward the discord, but he never walked away again.

FAITH IS POWER! I recently baptized a former soldier. He was big and strong, and I almost drowned him in water. His story of conversion was also powerful. His wife was already a Christian and he beat her up many times because of that. But she never fought back and never even complained. One time, he tore up her Bible and her dress as well. But she just bowed and prayed as she was walking toward the Church. He wondered, as he mentioned in his testimony just before baptism, what made her so strong. He thought, "If faith can make such a small woman to be so strong, I can not fight against it." That's why he became a Christian! May God make you strong and powerful in the New Year!

Yours because of Calvary,

Yoon Kwon Chae

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