February 2007

My dear American Friends:

Someone asked me if I am ever going to retire. My answer was: All my life I have been trying to follow the Lord's Directions in everything that I do. And I find no directions in the Bible about retirement and what to do after retirement. So my conclusion is that God doesn't want me to retire and so keep on working until death. And that's what I am planning to do. I am going to preach until my mouth is too weak to open. And I am going to write Gospel stories until my hand is torn to pieces. I hope that I can use up my life to a rag when the moment comes, rather than standing up before Jesus as a well-fed well-being. I know many other forerunners before me who used up their lives for Jesus when they met Him in Heaven, like my father, for instance. And I want to be a worthy son, and be A WORTHY RAG. That is my prayer, as I am going to be 75 on February 13.

One of the regrets I have... is that North Korea is still closed to Bible... that we are not free to go into North Korea to preach the Gospel. I was hoping that it will become open in my life time. And they are building Nuclear weapons while people are starving to death. I just heard news that hundreds of North Korean babies are starving to death everyday. I do not know how many babies the King Herod murdered on Christmas eve, but the North Korean dictator is killing hundreds every night. And the people are starving to death, spiritually as well. That's why we are sending these hand-powered radios (enclosed photograph) to North Korea...especially for those who run out of batteries. To me, COMMUNISM IS SATANISM. And I am going to bite SATAN to death, as long as I have teeth.

I do not know where they learned, but Korean children are also sending cards on Valentine's day. In fact, even in the Korean stationary stores, beautiful cards are sold on Christmas, Valentine's day, Parents' day and what not. (this "what not" include Buddha's birthday and Halloween, I am afraid). Our children at Geon Home usually draw and make Christmas cards and Valentine cards, rather than buying in the store. I remember one of our children who made 36 cards one year, for every one of his classmates. I was hoping that he would receive and bring back just as many cards form his classmates. The other children brought back several cards and were happy. But this boy's hand was empty. But he was still happy. He said, "I was able to give out all my cards to my friends" and he was still happy. I guess the JOY OF GIVING EXCEEDS ALL OTHER JOYS.

About this time of the year, the attendances of Churches and the Buddhist temples increase. One of the reasons is this College (University) entrance season. Usually the mothers of the children who are taking the College admission tests go to Churches or temples to pray. The gates of the upper class universities are pasted by the 'light brown wheat gluten' called 'YUT' as symbol of passing the tests. Sometimes they ask me to pray for acceptance, and I don't know what to say. I usually pray "Help them to study harder and do their best in the tests, but God's Will be done." However I noticed that people usually go to Buddhist temples or Confucianist temples to pray for something for themselves or their families. they usually do not pray for other people. In fact, the definite characteristic of Christians is that CHRISTIANS PRAY FOR THE OTHER PEOPLE, even for their enemies. Other religions usually pray for themselves, for their own salvation, for instance, and not for the others. To me, this was the most impressive factor of Christian faith when I started to believe.

Of course, in the other religions, they never really pray to God. Their god is so vague that they don't know to whom to pray. How grateful we are that we can talk to God directly. Last Christmas time I was teaching some of our children how to pray. One boy started to pray..."Our Father in Heaven..." and then he ran out of words... He said "How are You" and some of the girls started to giggle, but I said 'Amen' loudly. And then he said 'Merry Christmas" and I said "Amen" louder. I thought that it was the 'PRAYER OF THE YEAR!"

Yours because of Calvary,


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