February 2008

My dear American Friends:                    
Your prayers prevailed!  Fe Hyun¡®s SURGERY WAS SUCCESSFUL. Although she still has to go through some radiation treatment, the Doctor was able to get rid of most of the cancer.  And she will be able to participate in the Lunar New Year game which she loves.  In fact, a few days after her surgery, I had a minor surgery myself and spent a few days in a hospital, but I was happy that she did not miss the New Year celebration.
However, whether Fe Hyun's surgery was successful or not, God answered our prayers anyway.  HE ALWAYS ANSWERS.  Sometimes it can be "no," sometimes it can be "have faith," but God always answers prayers.  Because He is always working.  Sometimes, we are too weak to move our lips, or lift up our eyes, but He is always working.  I remember a poem which a cancer patient left before she was taken up to Heaven.  It goes, partly,  something like this in English (Forgive my poor translation)
 Lord, hold me, hold all of my life                    

 If my holding is all there is to hold              
When my hands lose power to hold               
Whatever would I ever do in my life                

Lord, watch over me, watch all of my life

If my watching is all there is to watch

When my eyes lose vision to watch

Whatever would I ever do to my life

Lord, listen to my prayers from all of my life
If my words from my lips is all there is in prayer
When my lips can not utter words any more

Whatever would I ever do with my life

You probably read that we have a new President of the Republic of Korea.  And he is a Christian.  In fact, he is an elder of a Church.  We have been having rather atheistic Presidents too long and our country has been leaning to the left(socialism and communism) too much, bringing down faith, peace as well as economy. It happens inevitably when a government loses faith in God, it loses faith in the people and the people lose faith in the government.  It eventually bring the economy down.  In fact, our new president visited our Home as Santa Claus last year.  He just wanted to be Santa Claus, and only few people knew him.  But I feel that He will be Santa Claus also to the future of our country.  I just want you to know that we have over ten million Christians now (among 45 million population) and I know most of them voted for him. So I feel that THIS IS A VICTORY OF CHRISTIAN FAITH!

Last Sunday, I preached from John 3: 16 to our children in an evening service.  I found in the Greek Bible that the root of the word used for "GAVE" ("God so loved the world that He 'gave' His only begotten Son") was more like "abandoned" (like abandoned in the streets).  I explained that to the children, and I saw traces of tears on the faces of not a few children, because many of them were practically abandoned in the streets, before they found our Home.  In fact, WE JUST RECEIVED A TEN DAYS' OLD BABY BOY and he was practically born in the street.(more like train station's toilet).  He is sick and we do not know if he will survive, but I gave him a name "Sung Joon" meaning "Live by Faith," so, he will live, by faith, I believe!  At first, he didn't have even power to suck milk bottle, but now he is sucking like a vacuum cleaner.
Really, you can not imagine how crowded our Home is this days.  Not only, all our children are at Home for winter vacation, but also our grown up children come to visit us, with their own children, because it is Lunar New year.  Korean people usually visit their parents to bow on the New Year day and our children and our grown up children have no other places to visit.  It takes all day to receive their bows and give them some parently words.  I suggested to our children the other day to visit the elderly lonesome folks in the village and bow to them also, as I am running out of parently words to give out.  So get ready with some good parental advises and congratulations, as some of our children are liable to show up in your doorsteps one of this days and bow HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!

Yours because of Calvary,

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