February 2009

My dear American Friends:                           


You know that we have two New Year's day and ours (Lunar) just passed, Jan. 26. This year is the year of cow and we plan to work like cows. Actually, we are starting what we call 'HEIFER PROJECT.' For some of the defectors from North Korea, when they become Christians, we are trying to give a heifer to make living. It will cost us about $1000 each heifer presently. We will have the defector family to raise it and when they have their own heifer, they will return a heifer, by giving it to another defector family. We think that it will be a good perpetuating program.

I remember some forty years ago, we tried the same project with our students. We received two heifers from a US family and started 'cow and goats farm' for our Bible College students. Not only, our Bible College students made living by selling the milk, but also our orphanage children were raised by the milk. (catching two birds with one stone?). The project did not continue for long (the cost of the cows as well as the land became problems), but look! the University grew and the students became great preachers! So, I believe that this project will be helpful to the defector Christian families. I remember one particular student who was in charge of the farm for some time. He resigned the job, after a while and I asked him why. His answer was "The job became so busy that I couldn't study any more. I HAVE ONLY ONE LIFE AND I DON'T WANT TO GIVE IT TO THE COWS."

One of the places I go to preach, sometimes, is a Church of the handicapped brothers and sisters. I really do not know whether we should call them 'handicapped people' or 'DIFFERENTLY TALENTED PEOPLE.' I know some 'handicapped people' who can do some marvelous things on their wheel-chairs. I can never do some of the things that they can, look what they do at the Paralympic! Anyway, some of the people I love most and respect most are these 'differently talented brothers and sisters.' A member of this 'differently talented' Church is Brother Shin. He does everything lying down...eating, drinking, reading, talking and what not. And he is a good talker and preacher. His talk has always been inspiration to me. It's an inspiration particularly, because it comes from way-down deep from floor.

I just read a story about a Korean Christian visiting a Social Welfare facility in Germany called 'Bethel House.' The wheel-chaired tour-guide led the tourists to a handicapped aged man who can not do anything but lying down and said "this man is the treasure of our House." And the reason for him being the treasure of the House is the most inspirational! In the last years of Adolph Hitler, He ordered these disabled people to be killed because, he felt that they were 'useless.' And the workers of the Home with the Director fought against this Satanic order until the war ended! That's how they kept this handicapped man alive and that's why THIS MAN WAS THE TREASURE OF THE HOUSE! He is the treasure not because of what he could do, but because of 'being for whom the Saviour died'... just as our 'being a Christian' is important before we can do anything else. We are important to God just because Christ died for us.

One of our kindergarten children asked me, the other day, "Are you my real father?" They do that once a while, as they get older. They ask that question, as they find that I have so many children and that I am too old to be their father. So far, I have not been answering, instead I ask them questions like "Do you think that I am too old?" or "Do you think that I have too many children?" But you know that, on Korean New Year's day, we gain one more age. So I am thinking of a better answer, which will not make me feel older. But, we are the people who live eternity. FOR THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE THE ETERNITY, ONE OR TEN YEARS DON'T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE. Hundred or two hundred years wouldn't make any difference. In fact, sickness or death wouldn't make any difference! May you live forever in Jesus Christ!

Yours because of Calvary,


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