February 2010

My dear American Friends:                  

The Love of God is great denominator. No matter how big the sorrow may be, the fear may be, the suffering may be, when it stands on this denominator, IT BECOMES ZERO. I am not a young man any more, but because of my work, I meet lots of people with pain. I talk to them with Gospel and I pray for them. Some are cured, and some are not. But I feel that even those who are not cured are healed if they are saved by the Gospel. Because I feel that there is difference, even if I am far from  being a good English writer, between cure and healing. I was calling on a lady who is dying by cancer. I prayed for her many times, in fact many days and nights, but I am afraid that cancer is still with her, but she says "I still have pain, but because of the pain, I met the Lord and I know that I am healed." Actually she is thanking God for the healing.  

In fact, I know not a few Christian friends, with cancer, who went to meet the Lord thanking for the spiritual healing. They believed that they were healed even before they were cured.  I call this 'RECEIPT FAITH.'  After all, didn't Jesus said, "...all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you."(Mk 11: 24)  I want to share a sort of poem one of those Christians left to me. It goes something like this, "There is a prayer I couldn't pray, if I was not sick.  There is a song of praise I couldn't sing, if I was not sick.  There are God's Words I couldn't hear, if I was not sick.  There is a Holy Face I could not see, if I was not sick.  Oh, if I was not sick, I was not even a child of God!."

Talking about pain, there is so much pain in this world, like HAITI. And you may not have read about recent North Korea's bombardment to our western sea for a few days. Our children have been praying for Haiti and even giving from their allowances, to save the children of Haiti. Our children understand their pain. I told them that the best way to get rid of the pain from this earth is to evangelize and our children have been busy this winter vacation to talk to their friends about Christ. One of them came to me and reported his evangelistic experience which inspired me. He told to an atheistic friend, "Saying 'THERE IS NO GOD' is like saying 'I HAVE NO FATHER' and you know how painful it is not having a father?" and he told him about his orphan experience. I have no doubt that the message touched and changed the heart of the atheist.

It has been a cold winter with lots of snow. We had to use chains on our tires not a few days. I am not good putting on chains, in fact I am not good on anything about cars, and I struggled much. But when finally I was successful, the struggle was worth a while, because we saw so many cars on the road slipped on snow and wrecked! I guess our lives need chains, just like tires need chains. That evening, I wrote a poem entitled "FAITH IS CHAIN" but it's too long to write here, besides it's in Korean language so far. Also, we know that God has prepared a spring for us, He always does, and we look forward to it. Besides, the Lunar New Year's day is not far away and our children are looking forward. Our children will dress up with Korean suits and will come to bow.  We have to give them some allowances and treat them with rice cakes. If I am an ordinary father of an ordinary family, it will be no problem, but I have 85 children and many grown up children will come with their own children (they have no other places to go), So I really have to dig deep and pray high. But we really enjoy these events of the Lunar New year. In fact, I started to meet even grand-children since last year, and I felt rather old.  I am enclosing some of our children sharing the rice cake with chopstick.  

And, we wish you a Happy New year again, in the year of the tiger.  They say, tigers do not kill if they are not hungry.  It's certainly not like human beings...Human beings fight and even kill each other, even if they are not hungry...even if they are already rich and strong...their greed never end...that's why this world is such a painful world!  Again, Gospel is only Hope of the world!

Yours because of Calvary,

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