February 2012

My dear American Friends:

There are two things that I have been trying to give to my children. One is ROOT and the other is WING. The root can be the ‘background’, something to stand on, to most of the children, it is Home, family, parents etc. Most of our children do not have them, so I have been trying to give them the lacking Home, Family and Parents. During the winter vacation, we sent some of the older children to a country school where they teach the time-honored etiquette and language. These schools, as they teach the old time customs, do not feed them much meat. They also have to get up early and sleep early, as they didn't have TV or anything. One of the boys gave me a call and said "I want to go Home." I scolded him, but I was happy that WE ARE 'HOME' TO THEM!

‘THE WING' which we try to give to our children, to some children, it can be 'money,' to some, it can be the background such as 'parents' position.' The children of the world try to fly high with those -- money or background. We neither have money nor position to give to our children. So we try to give 'wisdom' or 'friends' and 'faith.' And believe me, with these (wisdom or friends or most of all faith) they can fly so much higher! like Isaiah 40:31 says "they shall mount up with wings as eagles." This year, being the year of dragon, I told them to fly up with faith like a flying dragon... fly high above the clouds! Like they say, there is always SUNSHINE ABOVE THE CLOUDS!

Frankly speaking, having so many children, there is always the problem of the 'stronger and the weaker'. In fact, the whole country (our country), is boiling with these problems of the weaker children suffering under the fists of the stronger children. In many Korean schools, the class bullies are giving bad time (such as beating and taking money) and hardship to the weaker children that some school children even committed suicides. Some of such incidents were reported in the Newspapers and became social issue. We also learned that many children and even some teachers closed their eyes in fear and never protested! In my Lunar New Year sermon, I told them to be 'STRONG IN FAITH' never close eyes to the unrighteousness and never commit suicides to escape!

But the most valuable thing that I learned in raising children is 'the patience.' Like Jesus said in Mark 4: 28 "first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear," the babies 'first turn over, then crawl, after that they will learn to stand up.' Remember the twin girls I tried so hard to make them smile? I wanted more people to see their smile, so I suggested to include them in our Christmas program. We taught them to sing and dance to a Christmas song and sent them to the stage. But I am afraid that I ruined the whole program, as the TWIN GIRLS KEPT CRYING through the song. I guess, it was too early for them to smile to the whole crowd or we did not play the right flute or something...

But then, in a way, I am glad that they didn't sing what we taught them. Remember the 11 North Korean children we are taking care of, at the China-North Korean border? They will sing any songs we teach, will dance to any tunes that we play like mechanical dolls. This is what they were used to do in North Korea.... dancing to the tunes. They sang when they were told to sing and danced what they were told to dance. How so many people, 25 million North Korean people for instance, can sing and cry like they were ordered, I never know. But that's what we see on North Korean news. It's possible because they don't know God. Their god is their leader and he dies sooner or later. The sooner they learn about Our God, the Lord Jehovah, the better for them. Sooner or later, they will start to cry and they will start to laugh, like they always wanted in their heart. And I am looking forward, I AM WORKING FORWARD TO THAT DAY!

Please pray;

1. North Korean people will be liberated and their children will learn to smile and laugh freely.

2. Give my wife and me health enough to see North Korea liberated and preach there freely.

3. Give power by faith and wings to the Geon Home children to fly above the crowd.

Yours because of Calvary,


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