February 2013

My dear American Friends:

As long as I remember, Korea has never been so cold before, so I felt anyway. The snow and ice stayed on the ground through the winter months and Psalm 121 has been so much help to me, as I go to the early morning prayer meetings etc.... especially verse 3 "He will not suffer thy foot to be moved..." But the work must go on. We have been doing lots of repairs, on account of the cold weather, of the heating system of Geon Home for instance. Also we have been building beds for the children. So far, our children have been sleeping on the warm floor. But some children wanted private beds of their own, so we have been building beds for the children beginning with the older children. Some children says that they miss the warm floor, but most of them look forward to SLEEP ON THE HIGHER BEDS (upper beds).

Another kind of work I have been doing practically all my life is to listen people's problems... especially from the listeners of the radio preaching. And I must say that it's another battleground. Sometimes, the problems are so serious that I have to sit up and suffer... SOMETIMES I MOAN, GROAN, AND CRY with the caller... especially when I do not know what to answer. The other day, a lady called. She said, she gave a birth... of a baby who was heavily, painfully handicapped. Not only it was painful to take care of the baby, but also her Buddhistic? husband kept blaming her saying "you must have done something really bad in your 'FORMER LIFE'." She said that she has been thinking of 'suicide' together with the baby.

Actually, I really didn't know how to comfort her. I moaned and groaned and gave her a few scriptures such as Isa. 46: 3-4 "Hearken unto me, of the house of Israel, which are born by me from the belly.... I will carry, and will deliver you." I told her that it was not she who gave the birth. GOD GAVE THE BABY'S BIRTH and God will Carry Him through. The problem was to make the husband understand it, but she said that she felt much better knowing that God gave the birth and thankful that God chose her to rear the handicapped baby. "I feel like an angel" she said and I am sure that the angel will find a way to make her stubborn husband understand.

Like your country, we also elected a new President. She is a lady and is a daughter of the former president who was assassinated; in fact, her mother was assassinated too. But she did not give up and now she became the first woman President in Korea. Being the woman President in the men-centered society like Korea is not easy. During the prayer meeting celebrating her election, I was asked to pray. Practically everybody prayed for her political power, economical power and even the religious power, but I prayed for 'THE POWER WITHIN.' Actually, she is like every other politician, she prays to all kinds of faith, Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity and what not. I quoted from Ephesians 6:10 (Living Bible translation) "I want to remind you that your strength must come from the Lord's mighty power within you." She probably never heard a preacher quoting scriptures in prayer, but she needed it. And all of us need it.

Especially our children of Geon Christian Children's Home need it. As our children lost everything when they came to our Home. They lost parents, lost homes and lost even Love. They did not know anybody who loved them. Actually those defectors' children from North Korea, not only did they not know Love, but ALL they could see in the North Korean society was 'hatred'. In the Communistic dictatorial society, they nurture 'hatred' to survive. So our children had nothing. But now, they have Christ within. And TO HAVE 'CHRIST WITHIN' IS TO HAVE EVERYTHING! Without Christ, we have nothing! God bless you all our friends. We wish you a HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR, and that you will have everything by having 'Christ within you!'.

Yours because of Calvary,


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