February 2014

My dear American Friends:


I am afraid that I haven't seen many blue horses, but you English speaking people seem to use more 'horses' in everyday language than us. You say, when you are hungry, 'I can eat a horse' while we say 'I can eat an ox,' you say 'he eats like a horse,' while we say 'he eats like a hog.' Perhaps, you have better appetite or bigger dreams than us. Anyway, we are smaller people to begin with. This year, I started to preach to our people "Having bigger dreams" and Wednesday evenings "Scriptures that can bring 'miracles' to our lives" and I feel that I am having more attention.

There is a prevalent saying among the Korean aged people about keeping health. They say that if you do ONE GOOD DEED every day, MEET and TALK WITH 10 PEOPLE per day, WRITE at least 100 CHARACTERS everyday, READ 1,000 WORDS and WALK 10,000 paces (steps) per day and you will be healthy. I am trying hard, but of course, for us Christians, we talk with lots of people and especially with God, perhaps we should talk less with people and talk more with God. And then we should be both spiritually and physically healthy.

What is 'time' anyway? What is 'a year' anyway? It is something that we decided on. To God, there is only 'eternity.' And Christians are the people living eternally. Whatever may happen in this world, what sadness we experience in this world is only matter of 'moments'. I have a preacher friend who recently lost a lovely daughter by an illness. He prayed hard, prayed so hard, for the recovery of her daughter. And when she died, he felt that God did not hear his prayers. He was so disappointed. Recently, he wrote me that he was reading the scriptures where God raised Jairus' daughter, and Jesus' raising her from the dead saying, "I say to you, get up," Mk. 5:22. He wrote me that "Our God is the God of Eternity. I came to believe that God is still saying 'My little girl, I SAY TO YOU, GET UP' and she will get up and meet me in Heaven. She is not dead. She lives forever! She lives thousand years! and I am not sad any more." Our God is God of Eternity! Passing of a year and many smaller sadness and tragedies are only a matter of moments! Praise the Lord.

They say that 'everyday is the the first day of the rest of my life.' I have many plans for the year of 2014. Among them are the following;

1. 70 Children of Geon Christian Children's Home will be raised in Christian way'

2. Bible students including Christian University will be supported.

3. Radio messages will be regularly broadcasted

4. Mission to help the children of the defectors from North Korea will be continued.

5. One Mission trip to China or Japan is planned

6. Two Churches will be ministered.

7. 13 Korean missionaries will be supported in eight countries.

8. One book will be printed and Bible Correspondence Schools will continue.

9. Military Evangelism will continue. Korean Christian Churches and Churches of Christ preachers are expecting to baptize over 2000 soldiers.

10. I hope to be able to continue speaking at various Churches.

Please pray for:

1) Byung Ho who wants to be a Musician when he grows up.

2) The graduating children of Our Home for their jobs and future in Christ.

3) God will give me health and strength to deal with the challenges everyday

Yours because of Calvary,


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