February 2015

My dear American Friends:

HAPPY (LUNAR) NEW YEAR! Korean people like it better. Even our children dress up in traditonal dresses and bow to the elders. We, elders, are supposed to give them some gifts and good talks and we are running out of gifts and good talks.

There were MYSTERIOUS PHONE CALLS at midnight more than a few times last year. When I take up the receiver and talk, no one answered, but I could hear the breathing. This continued for several months, until this year. A young man appeared in my office and said that he was the man who called me at nights. He said that he had just too much problems to started to talk and he talked there for several hours. We prayed together and he has been coming to Church ever since. Thanks to God Who listens to us in the middle of the nights, and we hesitated to talk.

Speaking of talking, one program that we started, as "Children's Welfare Comprehensive Town." is the FAMILY COUNSELING. We counsel with families of all situations, particularly with the families who are about to break off. And believe me, it's very very difficult work. But we need to prevent these tragedies (of making more orphans) and they break my heart. But it breaks my heart even more thinking of, and trying to help out families of the North Korean defectors wandering in China. They say that there are more then two hundred thousand of them.

February is the GRADUATION SEASON in Korea. Our University will graduate more than 200 Christian workers and our Children's Home also may have to let go some children who graduated High Schools and are looking for jobs. It is always tearful season, as we depart, and yet hopeful occasion knowing that this world would be the better place to live through these young people. Actually, we, the South Korean people, are more interested in the UNION OF FAMILIES who were forced to depart by the War. It has been sixty years since the Korean War, still I am afraid that there are too many departed familites and they are becoming older everyday. Our government has proposed to North Korea to arrange the family union meeting this month, but I am afraid that there has been no response from North Korea.

Before the departure of our graduates and children, I am going to preach to them a message on "the Power of the Blood," because that's what they are going to need. "Blood" is rather too bloody to talk about, and some people hesitate to talk about it, but I feel that less emphasis on the "blood" resulted in the negligent of the weekly communion and the birth of such theologies as the modernism etc., and I feel that the more preaching on the "Blood of Jesus" is needed in this world. After all, it's the Blood of Jesus which saved us and which will save the world!

I have received some questions about my SPEAKING SCHEDULE this year. As I am not getting any younger, I can not travel as much as I used to do, but I usually make one trip to the USA annually for the Board meeting and speak at some Churches around that area. This year will be some Churches in the Southwestern USA and the next year will be the Northeastern part of the USA. Actually, my son, John Chae, will be available for speaking anytime of the year.

But I definitely have one travelling schedule in mind in future. It is a TRIP TO HEAVEN. And I am looking forward to it.

Please pray for;

1. Che Hyun, Yo Han, Eun Jee, Soo Hoon, Min Jae, Mee Yun who are graduating our Home, that they will find good jobs and may always be good active Christians.

2. We may be able to fill up the new building with necessary beds and equipments.

Yours because of Calvary,


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