February 2016

My dear American Friends:

Happy Lunar New Year of “the monkeys.” I was born in the year of the monkey. And so were eleven of our children. And that's a lot of monkeys in a house. Talking about lots of children, our babies are growing and as they grow, they fight, roll, grab, throw things and everything. So, we made our babys' rooms special monkey proof rooms. We padded all sides with the THICKEST PADS WE COULD FIND. And our babies think that it can stop even tanks. Besides, it's cold and snowing outside. The babies watched snow falling for the first time in their lives. And they were impressed, some of them even clapped their hands. One of our older children said "What if God made the snow black?" I don't want to see a 'black Christmas'. I can hardly wait until I have a chance to show them God's rainbows.

Our dorm-mothers may like it too... especially those who take care of the toilet-training ages... they may be the busiest people in the world. They may be even busier than the firemen. The firemen are busy when there is fire, What these girls take care of are like constant fountains. They have to wake the children up every two hours, still they often miss. And when they miss, the whole area is in the state of emergency.... We thank God that we usually win in these emergencies and thank the dorm-mothers for their patience.

I have been running around attending the GRADUATION SERVICES of our children. Having many children, graduating children are not a few. In fact 14 of them from many different schools this year. And once I attend one, I have to attend them all. And I usually take them to nice noodle lunches after the ceremony. Because graduation means a lot to them... many of them were wandering in the streets, some homeless and no schooling. etc. Now they are finishing schools which were their dreams. They also have many dreams in future... some to become preachers, and some missionaries. One graduate wants to be a missionary to North Korea. Actually, he escaped North Korea risking his life. In fact, his father passed away while escaping. And now, he wants to be a missionary. "What if you are caught and tortured" I asked and he answered with a scripture that I taught him once "If I die, I die..."

I cried many times in my ministry. And often I cried with my children. Actually when you raised so many children and as you have to let them go, as they grew up, you need lots of tears. But the other day, I cried by different reason. I cried because a country Church waited for me for two hours. I was supposed to speak there, but the traffic held me up in the highway for a couple of hours. So I was two hours late, I expected the Church gone Home long time ago. But there they were when I finally arrived two hours late, and when I shook hands with them, somehow my eyes were full of tears and they started to drop on the usher's hands. "Why are you crying?" the usher asked and I didn't know how to answer. But certainly, the tears gave me and the long-awaiting audience new power to study Bible. Certainly like Psalms 42: 3 says, "THE TEARS BECAME MY FOOD." It became my food and my power!

Actually, since we started this Children's Home, "tears became our food" more than a few times. Especially in the beginning more than fifty years ago, we had so many more children and not enough to feed them. You may not believe me if I tell you that there were times when I prayed and thanked God before a meal when some rice-donors knocked on our door. And we realized once again that God cares for these children.


1. Children who are graduating this year that their future dreams will come true. We have some who want to be preachers and missionaries.

2. Please pray for our sick children. We have two children in hospitals.

3. My health is failing. And I am considering some medical treatment in USA .and perhaps some speaking and furlough?

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