February 2017

My dear American Friends:

Happy (Lunar) New Year again. This year is the year of the rooster, which, we hope, will be able to make lots of backsliders repent... I just preached a sermon on the repentance of Jonah, which possibly caused the salvation of Nineveh and the rooster's short sermon which made Peter to repent.

You probably heard about KIMCHEE, typical Korean hot side dish which we share along with the other food with neighbours on special days like New Year's day. This year, some of the Senior Korean preachers decided to make home-made Kimchees and share with the homeless people, because God gave us everything to share. even hot dish like Kimchee. I am not sure if people liked the taste of hot Kimchee, but they must have, because the Kimchee was gone soon and we preachers never had the chance to taste them.

Through my radio preaching, I have been able to make friends whom I never met personally. Some people: like hidden Christians in North Korea, try to write us whenever they get out of North Korea. In fact, there is no other way to communicate but life-risking letters with those friends in North Korea. Brother Song was one of those friends. I never met him, but we became good friends, and I knew all about his family including his daughter who was dying by cancer. Brother Song, in his last communication, informed me that she died and her last words were "I see something beautiful!" And the family believed that she was seeing Heaven! And why not! The whole family listen to our Gospel messages and believe in Christ secretly!

I recently read about a story of a family who escaped from North Korea a few years ago. While they were still living in North Korea, the father was suspected of espionage. He was arrested by the police and was tortured so brutally that his back was bent and looked like he was carrying something on the back. When he was released, one of his sons, not knowing what happened, asked him about it, but soon even the son understood the situation, and explained to himself and friends "God must have given you a bag to carry, and in the bag, there must be a pair of wings. So that when you go to Heaven, you can fly with it.

Being a preacher, I preside many weddings and funerals, but last week was one of the busiest week of my ministry. I had to conduct one wedding and two funerals. And the wedding and one funeral was so close time-wise and at one church location as well, so we really had to act and move fast like theater workers (changing the sign etc.), and made more than a few mistakes. Even though it was busy, they were joyous celebrations. After all, according to the Bible, we all will be new brides, dead or alive, when we go to meet the Lord.(Mt. 25)

In fact, we started something new at Geon Home. We have beautiful town, a beautiful mountain, beautiful house and Chapel and beautiful children. But I always felt that we lack something. One day, I saw some of our children playing, kicking and making noise out of empty cans. It was noisy, but they were having fun. And I said, 'that's it, we need more music.' So we decided to organize a musical band. We collected a couple of guitars and drums and organized Geon Home Band! So, next time when you visit Geon Home, you may even hear a marching Band!

Yours because of Calvary,

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