February 2019

My dear American Friends:

February is always busy month for us. First of all, it has Lunar New Year’s day in the Korean Calendar. It is one day that we all dress up in the traditional Korean dresses and bow deep, Korean style, to the elders. For the babies, it takes a while to practice and the elders are supposed to reward them. Usually the streets are full and so are the trains and buses. Naturally, our children, past and present, come to us and our Home is full of young and old children and their children and sometimes even their grandchildren.

I suppose that it’s more like Thanksgiving day. It became tradition, because our ancestors taught their children to be thankful for their lives. We know that our God gave us our lives, not that our parents and ancestors did. We even know that our God is not far away, not buses or trains away, only a prayer away (like one of our children said or like another child of mine said “bike-away”). We have a Church family who travel from far-away by bus, train and feet. In fact, neither I nor my wife can no longer drive and we appreciate and thank the Lord for our feet, and Korean Christians thank the Lord for letting us know who created us more than ever.

February is also a month of Graduation. Our older children graduate and the children (graduates) and we cry more than any other month. Most of them were abandoned and came to our care. Some of them came to us from far away, some came from “baby box,” and even after they survived, they had to survive through much hardship and even diseases like cancer. In fact, we almost lost some in the hardship of life. But they survived and are now graduating and it means so much to us. They still may have lots of hardship as they try to be independent, but they won many battles already and I know that they will be victorious.

Talking about the graduation and my own life, I must say that I am also slowly graduating. In Korean age, I am almost 88 this month. Looking back at my life, it’s been like a big orphanage; Losing a mother at nine and losing father during the Korean War. I wandered and slept in the streets many many nights, but God fed me, taught me, gave me friends like you and gave me strength through many victories against many battles. These days, I am preaching “Bible’s Victorious lives such as GIDEON, JOSEPH, MOSES, JOSHUA, DANIEL, PETER, PAUL and what not. And I am going to preach on, until my Lord says “Come Over.”


Yours because of Calvary,

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