January 2003

 My dear American Friends:       

 HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I have a happy news.  We now have the building permit.  We 

waited it for almost a year., but now we have it.  We do not have all the 

necessary fund, but we are ready to start and WE ARE STARTING!  On Christmas 

day, we had the ground breaking service!  I am enclosing our blue print.  

You might not be able to understand all the details, as they are written in 

Korean, but you get the picture, as you say in America. Actually a half of it 

will be underground, as our permit limits the construction above ground, but 

there will be enough space for our 75 children and 13 workers to sit and 

dine together.  According to Korean custom, dining together make special 

friends (we wouldn't hesitate drinking from other's soup bowls, or from 

friend's chop-stick), so like the twelve disciples who shared the Lord's 

Supper, I am sure that our new dining room will bring our 75 children even 

closer,. even to share their lives for each other.


Actually, during our Christmas service, we had the last supper, the last 

communion service, before tearing down our old dining facility, which was 

our storage room.  I told my children that Christmas has nothing to do with 

Santa Claus, nothing to do with cards or gifts, nothing to do with kisses 

under mistletoe.  It has something to do with the Heart of God torn by the 

sacrifice of His only begotten Son, something to do with the Life of Christ 

nailed to the Cross, SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE BLOOD OF CHRIST, so we decided 

to have a communion service on Christmas.  We even tried taking bread from 

one whole bread and drinking from one big cup (basin size.)  In fact, I told 

my children that the meaning of Bethlehem is "house of bread" and described 

the picture and pain of the Cross.  One child said, after the service "I 

guess Jesus couldn't move on the Cross, I guess He couldn't look behind.  I 

guess He had to look only front."  It may be a child observation of the 

Cross, but it certainly made me think.


I guess He had to look only the front..., the future, God the Father.  In 

fact, in my New Year sermon, I am going to say, "the secret of victory is to 

look only the front, .the future, God the Father."  Actually it will also be 

a sermon to myself.  I am determined to look only the front!  Like many 

people of my age, I suppose, I tend to look back and think of the past 

mistakes.  But the PAST CAN NOT BE PERFECT WITHOUT MISTAKES. And the future 

will be perfect only with Christ.  I am determined to enjoy any future God 

has prepared for me.  Somewhere, I read the best way to eat strawberries.  

There are people who tend to choose to eat the worst looking strawberry 

first among a bunch, and he will keep on eating the worst to the last.  If 

we pick the best looking strawberry of the batch, we will eat the best to 

the last one.


Looking at the positive side is so important especially for an Orphanage 

director, I found out.  For instance, the report cards our children bring 

home from schools usually aren't so exciting.  If they make 50% right out of 

100, I used to scold them that they missed so much as 50%.  Now I TRY TO 

PRAISE THEM FOR WRITING 50% RIGHT ANSWERS. I say "There must be many others 

who made only 30 or 40% right.  I would be happier though, if you made 60 or 

70% right next time."  And that will make them sit at their desks at least 

for two days.  Of course,. I  can not say the same thing to the one who 

brings home 0% right, (that is, I can not say 'there must be the lower 

grades'"  In that case, I say "I appreciate your courage to show it to 



I am afraid that there are too many people, in this world, who search to see 

the negative sides.  They think that it's a way to increase their 

power...people like Pharisees or Sadducees.  Besides, there are COUNTRIES 


export also their deadly weapons.  I am afraid that we are living right in 

the midst of it.  We need to see the positive sided.  I like the way Jesus 

said to a blind beggar by the roadside (John 9),  "Neither this man nor his 

parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him."  HAPPY 

NEW YEAR!  Happy future work of God in your lives!


Yours because of Calvary,


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